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Mt. Tabor Church

Sunday was a special day as we gathered for Sunday school, singing and prayers. We continue to have many in need of our prayers and for a pastor for our church.

Following this, Brother Don Bryan spoke for our communion and feet washing services. He read familiar scripture for both events and we appreciate each one that took part. Brother Ric Englehardt preached the evening service on honor.

This Saturday night at 7 p.m. will be our singing featuring “Big Creek Bluegrass”, please join us if you can.

Our guest speaker for both services Sunday will be Brother Max Stephens, you are invited.

Mae Cox reports her sister, Sylvia, to be in very poor health. Mae’s visitors this week were her sister Golda Dixon, Bill and Debbie Willis, Lisa Johnson and Jesse.

Logan and MaKayla Elliott spent Saturday night with Tom and Jewell Elliott, and also attended the Elliott family reunion with them.

Several in the community were seeing their doctors this week and all received good reports.

Jan Jones took Martin Hathcock for his doctor appointment. Mary Ann appears to be a little better than last week.

Kay Hutchison visited John and Jo Stephens, Monday evening.

Harold and Kay Hutchison were in Springfield for Harold’s appointment Monday and later visited his sister, Lucille DeBerry, who will be having outpatient knee surgery, Friday.

Pat Lansdown did her mother,Myrl’s, grocery shopping this week and did some house cleaning, while Paul did yard work for his mom.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Lansdown and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Aborn attended a wedding reception at the home of the newly married, Mr. and Mrs. Rick Lansdown, of Springfield.

Amy Hutchison spent a week with her grandparents, Harold and Kay Hutchison. Morgan Clements and Amy attended the Madagascar 3 movie, Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. Harlin Hutchison came to pick Amy up Sunday evening.

Visitors of Bessie Hall have been J.C and Vicky, Jewell, Kim and Dan Clements and Kay Hutchison. Bessie enjoys visiting with friends and family by phone.

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