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“It’s Raining, Raining here this Morning.” This line from an old song fits the condition in the Ozarks this Monday morning. A very welcome rain is coming down as I write and I hear there has been a lot of wind damage in Springfield and Lebanon.

Charlie and I were talking yesterday of the dry weather pattern that is not normal for our usually two wettest months. Neither of us could remember it being this dry this early.

So most everyone is giving thanks for the rain and trusting that we will get more and that the drought is broken.

I haven’t been feeling well and so haven’t been out and about to gather much news.

I did get to club Wednesday and to a beautiful outdoor wedding Friday evening. Kasey and Terry’s daughter, Natasha and Matt became husband and wife in the yard at their home with many well wishers in attendance. Everyone had a good time and the bride was beautiful and the groom handsome. Matt had only been home two days from over a week-long stay in the hospital. He had a wreck on his way to work one morning early and only a couple of miles from home. He was ejected from his vehicle which was totaled and luckily no broken bones. He is still very sore, but with only bruising and scratches visible. There were many prayers spoken for him and we thank the Lord Jesus for him being alive.

Burr has been canning green beans and pickled beets. I helped a little by having the dish washer full of clean jars and I did help get the beans ready and then watched the pressure canner until done. So I have been useful this week.

I have canned hundreds of jars of vegetables and fruit in my time and it is pleasurable to be involved once again.

Kasey and I canned his garden produce last year from his first garden which I urged him to grow. He was reluctant, but got involved and liked the experience. He couldn’t wait to get his garden in this year and it is beautiful. Of course he’s had to water as have Burr and Ruth and Karen and Greg. So I take credit for Kasey’s gardening addiction.

Greg and Karen, Burr and Ruth and Charlie have been bringing good things from their gardens and I have had two ripe tomatoes from mine with plenty of salad fixings. Kasey brought cucumbers and peppers yesterday.

Joseph Taber celebrated his 15th birthday with his Dad and friends a little early Sunday. They, together with Rick Allen, Ferlin Rowe and Chandler went to Lebanon to a 3D (animal targets) bow shoot. Joe’s birthday is June 13 and he will have treats then with Mom, Donna and Sis, Jessi.

Jessica spent time with friends in Ozark the first of the week.

Greg and Karen Evans visited with Stan and Marsha Collins one day and got more chickens. Hopefully they have a varmit proof pen and can raise these. Something killed all their laying hens, but the rooster escaped and he has been very lonely.

No one has given me news so I’ll got this mailed when Nicole goes by the post office. She had reminded me that Chuck Spurlock had missed my news. Nicole goes to Chuck’s each day for breakfast making and chores before she comes to my house. I always look forward to Mondays because Nicole tells me about her church services and her weekend. Sounds like she has a wonderful church family. I appreciate Chuck reading my items.

Until next week, be of good cheer and make someone else happy.

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