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Well, another week has flown by and I’m facing news day with not much news so far. I guess I must call and be nosey since no one has called me.

The things that has not changed is the hot, dry weather pattern. Everyone is becoming concerned about maybe facing a drought. Prayerfully we’re trusting not. My tub gardens are looking good, but requiring water every other day and I’m now using well water since my buckets are empty of rain water. I have lettuce, onions and peppers I’m using and green tomatoes promising a feast of the very best vegetables that can be grown, in my opinion. I also have garlic, herbs, cucumbers, kolirabi and potatoes.

Dyanna brought a good message from the pulpit Sunday. We had a few missing because of the holiday. We had visitors, Dennis Shumate and family and Christy Degase’s cousin and wife, whose names I failed to get. We’d love to have you all back. Also Ruth’s daughter, Amber and Paylie came for church and for our cookout after church.

I had all my children and families and a special guest, Norma Evans, for an afternoon of eating and fellowship. My daughter, Kim, had just had some teeth pulled and wasn’t up to a trip from Fair Grove. We missed them all.

I always enjoy being with Norma and she brings good dessert. We benefitted by getting part of her pineapple cake for later and she went home with a clean cake pan. Kasey and the guys tried out my new grill and we all were happy to enjoy the results with salads and Greg’s baked beans. Kasey’s fruit salad made an impression. Family and friends get togethers are memorable and anticipated.

As is a special thing that happens every Wednesday in the lives of 11 women. Each gathering is a day long quilting session which includes a potluck luncheon. And the food is delicious and always includes a big pot of beans and a pan of cornbread. We used to spend a lot of time writing down recipes until we published our own cookbook. Now we get more quilting done. The home cooking is set aside for special outings, each spring, fall and Christmas time. The men folk complain when we’re not at our customary place at those times.

I have been asked for updates on our club and since I haven’t written of our group in awhile I’ll do so again. First, is our members which includes one gentleman who fits in with all of us nicely. His name is Billy Fletcher and he is as good a cook as any of us. Billy does handwork and is especially appreciated for washing dishes with the help of Colleen. When he’s absent we depend on volunteers and recent dishwashers have been Jean and Audrey, who had always informed us that they didn’t do dishes. So that is why I’ve singled them out because it has been a rare event that may never happen again. Of course they make up for it in the extra work they do that doesn’t go unnoticed. Audrey is known for keeping things tidy and Jean does extra work at home, such as bindings and other work. As do others who have special talents.

Our Nimble Thimble quilters are more than just the average women’s group. I realize when I think about the special camaraderie and warm sense of community we all experience. When your’e down everyone is there to pick you up. I’ts a close, warm atmosphere with a lot of sharing. We share things we wouldn’t reveal in our families, lots of times – our triumphs and our problems.

This cooperating effort has produced many quilts over the years and we have seen many members come and go, the most recent has been Ruby Sievert. We miss Ruby and Carl very much. And cousin, Norma, who went home to heaven, we will miss as long as we live. Norma was one of a kind and left memories of a kind well loved lady. Our present membership includes myself, the oldest, my two sisters, Jean Frye and Jo Delp, my cousins, Colleen Lakey and Audrey Turner, and friends, Ruth Evans, Alma Doty, Wanda Huffman, Billy Fletcher, Barb Hoefling and Marie King. Betty Burton was a long time member, who now lives in Arkansas. Hi Betty!

We have no problems with attendance. We don’t make doctor appointments on Wednesdays for we need that one day a week without obligations where sharing of experiences can take place, our day of therapy as Wanda puts it.

The next quilt to be put into the frames will be the Degase Reunion quilt to be finished before Labor Day weekend. We make a raffle quilt each year for this event.

While on the subject of the reunion we are planning to have additional events this year. Certain talented people will perform so if you have something to contribute to entertain, plan to do so.

Jean says there was a good turnout for the meeting and dinner at Fannon Sunday. Autum Miller is spending two weeks with great-grandparents, Jim and Jean Frye and with Grandpa Rusty. She got to ride her horse which she always is up for. She and Jean stopped to visit with Uncle Newt and Aunt Jo.

Autum is a treasure in our family, always a reminder of her mother, Miya.

This Memorial Day brings to the fore front those dear ones gone on ahead, but especially those far too young. We think of little Miya, sweet Angie, our precious Mark, Abby, Jeremy, Kenny and all we have known and loved. It saddens us, but we relish the memories of them and the happy times shared with them. Sometimes it’s hard to understand the whys, but “we’ll understand it better bye and bye.”

Until next time, remember kind words are easy to speak and their echoes are endless.

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