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Sympathy send to Gary Morrison and his sister, Belinda Baker, and grandchildren. Their mother, Ruth Moore passed away. Ruth was a very nice person and a good Christian lady. I can remember her telling people about the Lord. Her son, Gary, brought her down in the country recently and visited at her former sister-in-laws, Janie Morrison and friend, Betty Halcomb, joined them at Janie’s. They enjoyed showing pictures of their kids and grandkids. They had a good visit and lunch together. Ruth will be laid to rest in the Mt. Olive (Highlonesome) Cemetery. Services will be Wednesday at 10 a.m. in the Mt. Olive Church (Highlonesome).

Thankful for the rain we received, but we need much more.

Bob and Lou Rains attended the fair at Forsyth. Lou’s main enjoyment was the corn dog. Bob hit a opossum and ruined his radiator in their B.MW. car. After that is when she said the best was the corn dog, out of their trip. The grounds were hard to walk on and they left during the rodeo. There is always a bright side, even if it is just a corn dog.

Casey Austin and his buddy visited Iona Maggard Sunday.

Sympathy sent to the Barbara Shortt family. I did not know it until I was at my sisters and she heard it on the radio and she gets the Springfield paper. She was a real nice and friendly person and she thought a lot of her mother-in-law, Aunt Ruby (Thomas) Shortt. Ruby was my mom’s sister.

Glad to see Jerry and Sharon Mitchell back from a sight seeing trip and visiting relatives in Colorado. We missed them at church.

Blackberries are ripening and have been for several weeks. They are nice, but sure need rain. The ticks, chiggers and bugs are plentiful too.

John Siler and David Halcomb enjoyed a fishing day Thursday. They had good luck. Thursday James Orick and Rex Halcomb went and had a good day also. A fisherman does not like to tell where or how he caught them because next time you go someone is in your fishing hole. That will fuzz you up.

Thursday I went and visited Shirley Halcomb. She had a beautiful garden. You would not believe what her tomato plants look like and big large green tomatoes hanging. Everything looked so pretty and green. It was unbelievable.

I visited Sybil Harvill and her kids and grandkids are always in and out during the week and weekends. James and I visited Junior and Betty Halcomb and David at his home.

Sunday night, June 24 at 4 p.m. Garrison will have a fish fry and come join us for fellowship. Early enough you can go to your church services later if you don’t want to miss. Everyone is welcome.

Monday morning if all goes well back to the blackberry patch. Saturday we were in the patch at 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. It is a hot place.

John and Connie Siler had lunch at his dad, Bob Siler’s for Father’s Day with other family members. The Silers were to have her Dad, Junior and Betty Halcomb and her brother, David, for dinner around 5:30 p.m. with other family joining them. I told Connie Saturday when I talked to her she would be full after two meals. I imagine a lot of barbeque grills were fired up for this special day. And Happy Father’s Day to all you good dads out there. I think Bob and Junior are very high among the great dads.

Garrison Baptist Church had a good number of dads out for Father’s Day. Best place to be in church with your family. Attendance was 64. Todd and Tara Stepp and baby daughter, Crosby, was at Sunday school and are visiting several family members. I know the family is always excited to see them.

Good to be in church with Rev. Dennis Downs. Jimmy had to work. They were there a week ago Sunday.

Get well wishes sent to Pauline Richards. She has been very sick from a tick bite.

Stay cool.

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