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The ticks seem to be plentiful and I believe a tick or chigger would run a country mile to bite me. The hummers are not around that I have seen lately. I saw two or three andput out the feeder. Oh wel,l saves on sugar.

James and I visited at David Halcomb’s a couple of times last week. He has a pretty garden. He dug a hill of potatoes for his parents, to enjoy. David, Junior and Rex Halcomb visited us. The dry weather is putting a burden on the farmer. No grass, less hay and ponds going dry. You can’t control weather, but pray. Our country is in such a mess who knows what will happen.

As we were walking Earl Dean and daughter, Cheryl, stopped by for a chat. They seemed to be doing good and enjoying the summer day.

Brad and Adalynn Siler, James and Linda Orick visited Junior and Betty Halcomb. They really enjoy their great granddaughter.

Sunday, Ervin and Sandra Maggard ate dinner with his Mom, Iona. Their daughter, Valerie Austin and son, Shelby and his friend, Lacey, visited in the afternoon.

Iona’s great-great niece, has a new baby boy, Tyler Preston.

Iona’s husband’s name was Preston.

2012 has been a strange year. As I was coming home a tarantula was on toad hill on UU that goes to 125 Highway. We also saw a black wooley worm while walking on our gravel road. We have also seen flowers blooming that usually bloom in the fall.

Our area sure is in need of more rain. Thankful for what we received. The gardens, pastures, ponds, berries sure need more. Berries are starting to turn, but it is just a wait and see game.

On Memorial weekend some people borrowed seven gallons of gas from Jerry Nelson. They picked thelock and entered the garage. He hated to lose his cans so maybe they will bring them back for a refill. Several vacant houses have been destroyed on the inside. People have a hard enough time putting up hay and it is scarce this year and gas prices are still high. THe farmers have a hard struggle.

Wednesday evening we took our kitchen chairs to Sisco Upholstery at Chadwich. We had a good visit with Rick and Debbie. We stopped by Joe Rozell’s. He had shoulder surgery. We met their son, Tim, from Kansas City. The son, Tyler and family were there also. They have a beautiful daughter named London and a baby named Emerson. She is pretty too. We then went on to Bible study. James taught the fourth chapter of Revelation.

On Memorial weekend Ruth Moore and Betty Halcomb had a good visit with Janie Morrison. Betty and Janie went to Garrison Cemetery to decorate.

I heard a large crowd gathered at Harvill Cemetery and had dinner together on Sunday of the Memorial weekend. Kirby (Coy) Nelson and sons were their from Springfield. I don’t know if they had services or not.

Sunday, June 3 Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Maggard and daughter, Valerie, and son, Casey Austin attended chruch and were dinner guests of Iona Maggard. Valerie was at Iona’s on Sunday of Memorial weekend and also that weekend Ruth Shine and son and Dorsey Dalton visited Iona. Iona attended the fish fry at Mt. Olive and the singing.

Janie Morrison and Iona went to Ava last week.

Sorry this news is late. I wondered why it was not printed, so Sunday night while talking to Janie I found it in my notebook. I had left it out. I asked her, do you think that’s old age?

Have a good week. Keep your thinking cap on. I laid mine down somewhere.

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