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Greetings from a very hot and dry Boulder’s Fork. Our road got graded and usually it will rain. They did a good job. The corners were getting pretty dangerous and they fixed it. As I write this, Saturday night, it is hot and dry and we hope and pray for rain. Several farmers are short on hay this year.

A week ago Sunday, 53 were present at Garrison Church. You are always welcome to come. Mary Gibson played the piano. We love being in services with them. I am glad her husband, Buddy, got a good doctor’s report.

This Sunday, June 3rd, 67 were present at Garrison Church. Specials were by Lisa and Justin, who sang two songs. Pastor James brought the weekend messages. Several used the altar Sunday and Sunday night. A lady walked out of the church, but God brought her back in. She needed to talk and have prayer. She recently got saved, but she needs your prayers.

After church Sunday night James and I visited at Gordan and Zelda Jones’. They had several family members there.

Charlie and Rosia Robbins recently visited George and Janie Morrison. Last Sunday Janie, Jean Loomis and Mary June Applegate attended a baptizing where Rev. Jerry Loveland and Rev. Jon Mitchell baptized. I don’t know if the one was baptized the night James preached at the revival or not. We did not know about the services. We thought Oakwood was having one after the revival. Janie attended church at Chadwick Baptist Temple. Saturday she visited and enjoyed Railroad Days at Chadwick.

George Jones had surgery Monday. We sat with the family also stopped in to see Violet Hinote. She was asleep.

Memorial Weekend News – Saturday morning James and I met Rex and Shirley Halcomb at Mt. Olive Cemetery (Highlonesome) and decorated our family graves and went to Stillings and decorated where Mom’s folks are and onto Hall Cemetery to decorate James’ family graves. Rex  and Shirley went Thursday and decorated her family graves. James and I went to Old Boston and decorated his sister and nephew’s graves.

We visited Tommy Coffer. He was taking money for the cemetery. The new chain link fence at the Stillings Cemetery looked real nice.

Saturday night was the last night of the tent revival at Chadwick. Two souls were saved. There were lots of good special songs and great testimonies of what God had done for them. Lots of good preaching and praising God. Saturday night they got the 200 chairs loaded up and stage taken down. The guys who put the tent up will come and take it down. We appreciate Jeff Grimes for letting us use his land and electric. Pray for another revival.

Rex and Shirley Halcomb attended the night James preached. Also cousins, Huba Rozell and Dillon Morrison attended one night. Huba was there other nights as well. Her daughter, Vickie Goin, played piano for the revival some. I enjoyed her and her Uncle Jerry Rozell. He lead the singing. George and Janie Morrison attended some.

My sympathy is sent to Bobby Burkhart family. His wife, Valerie, passed away. A large crowd attended the visitation.

As we came back from church Sunday Jim and Linda Anderson had a lot of company. I thought I should stop and get a burger or whatever. Linda would of fed me, but I wasn’t sure Jim would have. Ha! Jim use to come here and he and my brother, Rex, coon hunted. They would meet here at Dad and Mom’s. It was a long time ago. Rex, Jim and Jerry Nelson enjoyed coon hunting. Linda has some pretty flowers in her yard.

Have a good weekend.

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