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Hello from our home to your home. I just wanted to say how proud I was of Friday, Tonya Sue Day during National Nursing Home Week. The big day was Friday when we roasted our administrator, Tonya Cutbirth. She was a really good sport about all of it and carried it off in fun and apprecation. No kidding! We are proud of her! She’s special! This is the poem I wrote about our boss – ODE TO TONYA By Nola Maxine Lirley, May 11, 2012

There has to be someone responsible

In every business we’re told

And our home must be the same

As any business of old

With workers that have their assignments

And duties they have to uphold

Our home is a place of caring

For ones who are ill and infirm

So everyone must have attention

Or it is of utmost concern

We here at the home are blessed

To have such a person at helm

With a heart full of love and caring

A person that we know full well

Will do all that surely is possible

For each person who come to this place

She is beautiful in thought and in action

She is beautiful in form and in face

We are so thankful that we have her

And no one can ever replace

May we never have to try, nor, wonder “why?”

And we’d never lay it upon ya’

It’s our wonderful, excellent Tonya.

This week we started in regular routine and getting caught up in paperwork and fresh bulletin boards of pictures taken of the events during the celebration. When you visit us be sure to stop and view the pictures posted on the bulletin boards in the halls. It will give you a good idea of the activies.

By the way, Connie is really proud of all the degrees earned by her family members graduating from college this year. I can’t remember them all, but I do remember it is really some accomplishment to exalt this generation and their efforts for an education. It really takes effort and determination!

Monday was Bible study with Bro. Tom Hawkins and Jayma Potter from Three Rivers Hospices called games in the afternoon. Tuesday afternoon Evelyn Harper was here to call games for us. Evelyn volunteers for Hospice Compassus. She was limping and favoring a knee. It is going to lead to another knee replacement – quite painful.

Whitney Pollard was here doing nails for the residents. Whitney works for Three Rivers Hospice. Connie Burris went to Red Bud Village to play games with the residents there. It was nice to get to see the newest member of Red Bud Village, little Myla.

On our van ride this week we toured some of the little used country lanes and found out where they ended up and sure enough we wound up back at Heart of the Ozarks. We were well supplied for the tour with our Sonic treats and not concerned with our good drive and tour guide, Connie.

Several residents got together for a pitch game. We played ten point pitch. Willene went to the Senior Center and participated in their pitch tournament. She said they had five tables playing.

Memorial Day is coming up this weekend, but let us make every day a memorial day for our service men and women as well as all of our loves ones who passed on, especially pray for those still holding up for America on foreign fields – missionaries, also.

Tom Hawkins and Norma Stillings were here for Saturday Church. Ava Assembly of God was here in afternoon for singing with the residents.

Several residents got to go decorate at local cemeteries. Willene, Maxine and Lorene went out with their families.

Monday was a holiday for many of our staff, but we had a good game of Bingo with Maxine calling the games. She only had chewing gum to give to the winners and gave a chocolate square for “cover-up.” Then some of us played dominoes with Willene being the winner.

All of the beautiful flowers and garden vegetables are growing well, but need a nice gentle rain to continue and we are hoping and praying for showers this week.

We would like to welcome Velma Brook to our home.

Congratulations to Marietta Reed on getting to go home this week.

God bless you from Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.

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