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This is a Monday morning so thought I’d try and wrtie some items for the paper. Memorial weekend is over and it was rather hot, but all the cemeteries look so pretty.

Andy and Sharlene Daughterty visited me last Saturday evening also Tracy, Hannah and Devin Griffith.

Last Sunday after church Ann Collins and I went to Denlow and Pleasant Mound Cemeteries. Then later Sunday evening we went to Karen and Doug Fredrick’s to help Sirena Bradshaw celebrate her birthday. Others there were Bertha and Dean Scherer, Janet and Paul Smith, Jared, Cole and Isabell Bradshaw and Rita Bradshaw.

Chris Hartzell had supper Monday night with Ann Collins.

Tracy, Hannah and Devin Griffith came after me Thursday evening and I spent the night with them, then Tracy took me to a dermatologist in Springfield Friday evening and then brought me home.

Minnie Snoddy passed away this past week. I think she was 103 years old.

Happy Birthday this month to Carter Chambers, Debbie Hutchison and Izzy Bradshaw.

Sharon Driskell visited Monday morning with Ella May Daughterty.

Until next time, God bless and remember to pray for those in need.

I had a nice “phone” visit with Shirley Chandler yesterday. She was doing okay.

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