Gentry Church

We started our morning service, with prayer and singing.  Our Sunday school lesson was on, “The Heart of the Law.”  There were five things that Israel was told to do; 1)fear the Lord and show respect and reverence, 2)walk in all His ways, 3)love God, 4)serve the Lord with all thy heart and soul and 5) keep His commandments, but Israel did forsake God, the one who gave the commands.  We should enjoy being God’s people, but there are requirements and responsibilities.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Jim Kinder.  Gentry Church, will be singing at the nursing home, July 1st at 2p.m.  The youth meeting was rescheduled for July 14th at 7p.m., also our Bible school meeting, July 1st, at 5p.m.  Tuesday, July 3rd, we will have our annual 4th of July celebration, with food and games at 7p.m.

We had many prayer requests and among them was Sheila Miller’s mother, Cindy Young’s mother and Virginia Wilson was in the hospital.  Our special song was by Ramona Henning. She did such a good job and it touched our hearts.

Pastor Hall’s morning message, was from Hebrews 10:9-23.  We need to be led by God and have the Holy Spirit in our hearts and minds daily.  Let us not forget to assemble together, study The Word and always serve the Lord.