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Gentry Church

Service opened with prayer by Joie Welker.

Our Sunday school lesson was on “Compassion.” God’s will is for people to show honesty and concern for one another.

Happy Birthday wishes goes out to Lacy Beard.

There will be no service next Sunday night as we are having a Father’s Day Fish Fry at 4 p.m. Bring a covered dish.

June 15th will be our 3rd Friday Night Singing at 7 p.m.

Pastor Hall’s morning message was from Exodus 15:11-13. In God’s mercy He leads His people and gives them strength. When we come into God’s holy sanctuary we should treat it with respect. God is in charge and on the day of judgement he will be the judge.

Sunday evening service was filled with singing and testimonies.

Special songs were by Rod and Joanne Welker and Charlotte Reich.

Evening message was from Jude 1:20-25, we need to lay a good foundation and be in communion with God and a daily walk to direct and guide our lives. God gives us directions and we need to share Jesus with one another.

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