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Well good Monday morning to all my friend and neighbors.

I know this is a holiday and my little items won’t get to the paper until next week, but that’s okay.

I sure hope everybody is having a good Memorial weekend.

As for me I really don’t feel very good, but I’m trying to make the most of it.

I went to the cemeteries on Friday and Saturday morning then on to the Romance Reunion Saturday for a little while. I really did enjoy that and I got to see  a lot of people I haven’t seen in year. It was a good reunion, but you know heaven will be so much better.

Sunday we had real good services at Frye Church. We voted Bro. Jeff Rodkey and his wife in as our new pastor. We had lunch and fellowship after services.

I called Delmas this morning and wished him a Happy Birthday. He was having his coffee and getting ready to go to  the hay field.

Well here is is Monday morning again. Maybe I’ll get this in the mail this week.

The boys are going to work and on Monday morning I hardly know where to start, but Kelly will be here on Tuesday to get things cleaned up and back in order.

My goodness we had good services at Frye Church yesterday. The Hatelling family brought their guitars and played and sang for us. Their group is known as “Sons of the Father. They are really good. I like to go to church where you can feel the Holy Spirit moving. If you don’t have a church or you’d like to see what’s happening at Frye Church, you’re welcome.

I went to Ken and Randy’s on Saturday. Roger went to help Ken do some fencing so I rode along and had a good visit with Wendy then went over to Randy’s and got to see all of them. I don’t get far from home unless I have someone to drive.

I talked to Bernice in Arkansas and she’s gotten some rain. I told her to send it on up this way.

Well Levi had his birthday this last week. Telesia’s is this week and Ethan and Roger have theirs next week so I guess I’ll try to get one big cake baked!

Not much to write about here so I’ll sign off until next time.

Remember to pray for our troops and tell somebody about Jesus.

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