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Several Weeks Ago – The rain we prayed for, came this morning early.  We need to pray for more since it was just a short and sweet rain, that just came and went.

I hope everyone had a safe Memorial weekend.  I finally got my family and Jerry’s family decorated.  I got to visit with a few I hadn’t seen in awhile. At the Jenkin’s Cemetery, I visited with a cousin, Retha Haas’ husband and granddaughter, who had come to decorate Retha’s grave and other family members.  We had a nice visit.  I was pleased with the up keep of the cemetery there and also Mt. Tabor, where my dad and others are buried.  Ava’s was beautiful as always.

We had a good service Sunday, with Brother Benny bringing a timely message and we all stood and sang, “America.”  His message was from St. John 14:15-30.  Sister Loretta brought  Sunday night’s message, “Little is much, if God is in it.”  Teaching on obedience to God’s will.

We had a wedding here at Faith Rock, last Saturday.  Sister Jennifer Mackey of Seymour, became the bride of Brother Mike Honeycutt.  We wish them much happiness.  We wish Sister Leah Honeycutt, a very Happy Birthday.  Sister Betty Hesterlee, was back with us Sunday and seemed to be doing much better, a little tired but is much better.

We want to thank Connie Sherrill, from our quilters, for the beautiful quilting material she gave us.  I suppose it’s material from her quilting shop, since she teaches quilting there.  It is much appreciated.

I want to add this note, written by Earnestine Martin:

Ross and Earnestine celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary this month, May 7th, and to this marriage, we put together a blended family: Joyce(Stewart)Switzer, Rodney Stewart, Dean Martin, Cindy (Martin) Smith, Denise(Martin)Souder and Russell Martin.  These dear children, had to endure a broken home.  Through no fault of their own, this affects our children for life, and this is not God’s plan for families, but the devil works 24-7, especially on families.  Friends, we need to pray daily for our families.  Ross and I have had a good life together, we put God first.  We love all our children, with all our heart.  Two and a half years later, we added our little baby boy, Dennis Martin.  He made us more blended.  We pray daily for our children and thank God for them.  We have truly been blessed.

This Weeks News – We’re getting that hot weather we so dread when there’s no rain and grass is getting brown which isn’t a pretty sight. We need to all agree to pray for rain and carry that umbrella in faith believing.

Our gardens are still coming on pretty well, but having to be watered and some counties are getting low in their water supply. That’s scary to think about, running so low on our water.

We had the Fourth Sunday Singing at Faith Rock last Sunday and we really enjoyed it with all the churches that took part with their special singing, glad for the large crowd we had. We had a dinner before the singing and a special cake for our Pastor’s anniversary.

We are quilting today, being Tuesday. We had another wedding and were putting another quilt together. We appreciate the ones giving us quilt pieces. Connie Sherrill gave us some very nice pieces this month and we appreciate that. Also all that come to our garage sale and helped us.

We also had another couple get married, Joe Martin and Barbara Chance, last week and we wish them much happiness.

We want to invite everyone to our city wide tent revival, starting July 9th with different preachers each night.

Bro. Dewitt brought both morning and evening messages at church Sunday. He titled his message Sunday night, “There’s A Sound.” His scripture was from I Kings 18:41-46.

We are glad to have Bro. Bernie and Sis. Lena Hutchison back at church. The both have been in the hospital. We enjoyed her singing Sunday. My cousin, Dessie Miller, had some surgery on her eye lids and is doing real well from it. Also my cousin, Pauline Richards, she’s been in the hospital. I believe they decided she had tick fever. I haven’t heard lately how she’s doing.

We had several birthdays this month. I remember Kendra Young and Josh Tingler had one and I know there was visitors that had birthdays as well. We wish them all a Happy Birthday. We quilters took Sis. Susan out to lunch for her birthday last Tuesday.

We are all looking forward to the Heart of the Ozarks Celebration this Friday and the Squires Picnic and 4th Celebration Saturday. Everyone keep safe over the holiday and stay out of the sun.

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