Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

I hope you all are finding a place to stay cool on these hot days. I know that God knows what is best for us, but that does not keep us from praying for some rain and a little cooler weather. We have been watering our garden to keep it alive just like all of our friends and neighbors. The fresh vegetables taste so good; it is well worth the effort.

We missed church Father’s Day, so I hope all you fathers had a great day. We went on a mini vacation with Dustin, Tina and the kids. It was the perfect getaway. Three days down at the lake just relaxing and spending time with the kids and grandkids. We spend lots of time just lazing around the water.

Saturday we took our youth down to the creek for a hot dog roast. The kids have been having youth nights and getting points for coming and doing different things. Miss Abby and Sarah Hampton tied as our winners and they got to pick what outing they wanted to do, and this was their choice. I for one think they made a wise choice. We roasted hot dogs, did some visiting, some swimming and made some s’mores. We left a little early and appreciate Wanda, Grace and Evan for bringing our coolers by the house for us.

Sunday was our homecoming at church. It was supposed to be two weeks ago, but everyone except Gracie Williams forgot it, so we had to reschedule it. We had a big crowd and lots of food. We had a big group of kids. Donald always says they are our church of today, and I agree. Church would not be the same without all of our kids. Elijah and Brooke brought their new little one to church Sunday, that’s how to start a new one out right in life, to start them out in church. Roger and I also had two of our grandkids with us. We had Shawn’s kids, Braxton and Alexis.

After we ate lunch, we gathered back in and sang songs (several said they were too full to sing) and then we had an old-fashioned testimony service. Gracie said she remembered when Leo would get up and lead in our afternoon testimony services. We closed with a handshake and singing “Glad Reunion Day” requested by Jerry Nelson. Services were dismissed Sunday night.

We still have a few to pray for: Violet, Lynn, the lost, our preachers and several unspoken.

I went up to see my mother this weekend and she was doing very well. I took her a peach, apricot and nectarine. She was happy to get the fruit; I think most of my family enjoys fruit. I took her some of my vacation pictures to look at. I know she loves the water, so I had taken some pictures of the lake where we had went swimming. Anytime we would go places as kids, if there was water around you could count on my mother to be in the water wading in it. Roger and I also visited a little with Angie and Bob. I also showed Angie our pictures.

I better sign off for now, have a wonderful week, try to find a place to stay cool. Do drink plenty of water and lets all keep praying for rain. God does hear and answer prayers.