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Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

I think only people in the great Ozark hills could possibly go through as many weather changes as we have lately. We went from 90 degrees to 60 in just a few days. We were praying for rain and God answered that prayer with a little bit of rain scattered out over several days, which was very good for our gardens. We need to make sure and thank God for our answered prayers.

We had several missing at church Sunday, Violet is still in the hospital and in need of our prayers. Alice was out of state for the graduation of a granddaughter. I could name several more that should have been there, and could have been there. God knows for sure if you had a reason or if you had an excuse. We still have several people we are asking prayer for. Some spoken requests and some unspoken, all we have to do is pray and God knows the needs of His people.

Donald wasn’t feeling well Sunday, so Jon preached for us in the morning and the evening service. God gave him a good message for both. You missed a very spirit-filled service Sunday if you weren’t there. Grace Mitchell and I sang a song together that we had learned in Sunday School. Jon, Bud and I sang a couple of songs for our special song service. We should all be so proud of our young children when they are doing the work for God.

I heard that Grace and Evan got to go spend the day with Granny Tammy and Poppy Darrell Sunday. Saturday night they had went to the rodeo with their day, it sounds like they hada great weekend.

Roger and I didn’t go do much this weekend, worked in the garden and Roger painted one of the bedrooms. Painted it bright purple, my grandkids should love that. I did go and see mom, Bob and Angie, Friday night. I had a good visit with them and then ran into Gary and Alice as I was leaving and had a nice chate with them.

Do you all remember what month this is? Yeah, this is June, Father’s Day, the month to be nice to your dad, at least for a few days, but most of all remember who your heavenly Father is and what He has done for you. No one could ever love you more. Let’s give Him the honor and praise He deserves, for God is truly the greatest father anyone could every hope to have.

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