Dogwood Ramblings

“A fondness for power is implanted, in most men, and it is natural to abuse it, when acquired.” –Alexander Hamilton – The Patriot Post – 6-21-2012

I am so very blessed with all the phone calls from family (including all four sons – always makes my day!) and friends, as well as people from my church community calling to say hello (and checking on me!)  I did a bit of mowing to cut down those doggone weeds that make the yard look nasty.  Even had a couple of visitors and that’s always nice, even if I don’t look so good (at least the house is tolerable).  My sister in California is now out of bed part of the day.  Her medical problem started in late February, surgery in April followed by a massive infection so bad they had to call in a certified disease specialist and another nine days in the hospital.  She is worn out.

Ron finally found some iron on patches so I could repair a pair of work trousers for him.  It was a pocket of all things, with metal snaps on all four corners.  Last time I tried to find iron on patches in Ava it was a futile search but by golly, Ron found some, and then I found some also.  One pair of my jeans is in such bad shape that neighbor Bob Wagner (with tongue in cheek) offered to get me a new pair of jeans.  I hooked up the iron and hope the patches hold.

Rex grilled steak for our Saturday supper while I prepared twice baked potatoes, corn, garlic toast and the strawberries for dessert.  Here is the interesting part that was shown on TV several days ago.  Corn on the cob with no mess, no silks, etc:  Cut off the base end of a cob, through the husks, far enough so you can see corn circle.  Into the microwave for 4 minutes per cob (we did two at a time at 8 minutes).  Then pick up the corn by the husks at the top, shake a bit, and out slides the perfectly cooked cob, clean as a whistle, no silks clinging.  A little bit of butter and pepper and it is delightful.  We each ended up with sufficient food for the next day, voila, no cooking on Sunday!

Ron, Arlene and Reanna returned Sunday evening from a family reunion for Arlene in Waverly Iowa.  They said they had a great time and that cousins were coming out of the woodwork.

This heat and dryness is devastating.  We could use some of those 3” and 6” rains they’ve had elsewhere.  I’ve been praying for rain, we’ve prayed for rain at church, and I do hope each and every one here prays for rain.

“The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, but they make the best of everything they have.” 

“May your day be blessed as you become a blessing to others.”

PLEASANT RIDGE BAPTIST CHURCH: from the desk of Jamey Herd.

I hope everyone is staying cool during this heat wave. I remember a time when we didn’t have but a wall unit at the church to cool the sanctuary and just fans for the class rooms. We didn’t have air conditioning at home either and the nights didn’t cool off much so sleeping was difficult. I am not sure I could handle it now. Old age has made me soft. Back in the 70’s, after having surgery, we bought a water cooler or swamp cooler as some people call them, to help cool the house. The air was very dry during that time and the cooler did a great job of cooling down the house. As a child in Southern California that is all that was used for cooling. I don’t like the electric bills but I thank the Lord for modern conveniences such as air conditioning.

We had a good service at Pleasant Ridge on Sunday with Pastor Carl bringing the message from the book of Genesis. Leveta and Susie had 9 for Children’s Church. Business meeting was conducted on Sunday night. This coming Sunday will be “Invite a Friend Day” and there will be special music by the Scott family with a carry in meal at noon in celebration of July 4th. If you don’t have a church to attend you are invited by myself to attend Pleasant Ridge.

Former Dogwood resident, Glenn Painter, passed away this past week. Condolences go out to his family.

As I am writing the temperature reads 102 degrees with higher reading predicted for later this week. The pastures are burnt up and there’s not any rain in sight. I was hoping the hurricane would head towards Texas and bring some moisture our way but it wasn’t to be so. We are feeding hay and praying the ponds don’t go dry.

Our youngest daughter and family are in Georgia vacationing and visiting friends. The plans for today and tomorrow were to go to the beach in Savannah, Ga. and the last text I had said it was raining. The hurricane is still in the Gulf and slow moving but it is bringing rain up into Georgia. We have been babysitting the dog for them. They flew out of the new Branson airport. They will be coming back on Wednesday before heading back to an even warmer Wichita, Kansas.

May the Lord Bless you till next time.