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Dogwood Ramblings

“He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals.” –Benjamin Franklin, 1758

By golly, we received 1/10th of an inch of rain, then 1 ½ inches and then 2/3 of an inch, with more said to be coming.  There is a slight greening up in process.  Continue to pray for the moisture we need.

Last Thursday I had to have Trouble put down.  This kitty cat came to me what will be ten years ago in October, a birthday present.  He had a skin allergy and it only got worse.  Thursday he went truly downhill in just an hour’s time, couldn’t walk and had difficulty with breathing.  Even though I was pretty sure he would pass during the night he was in considerable pain so Rex and I took him in to Ava to Doc Johnson.  As I’ve mentioned to so many, Trouble was exactly that from the day he came here, but he was my Trouble and I loved him.  Then on Friday I found Randy’s young cat, it appeared to have been mauled by some critter, and had crawled into what he thought was a safe place and passed on.  So many cats and dogs over the years have gone to pet heaven and it tears me up every time.  My other house cat, Feather, has been very quiet since Trouble departed, has taken to “talking” to me at night.  Yes, pets do mourn.  Rex buried Trouble for me, bless his heart.

Friday I worked in the office and then met up with Bobby & Shirley Henry to finish up some business with them.  Nice folk.  Bob & Dana Wagner were gone a couple of days so I was given the privilege of taking care of Brandie, their dog.  On Sunday, Dana showed up with a little gift for me.  Such good neighbors!

Kim and I went to the Hitching Post Saturday evening.  Steak, baked potatoes, Texas toast and the salad bar.  As usual, I couldn’t finish my meal so brought some home.  This was a late birthday gift for Kim.  Then I went over to Ron and Arlene’s to take them a gift as it was their 33rd anniversary.  Ron has done quite a bit to make 544A and his driveway decent, and his neighbors have also helped with the road.  Ron even made a turn-around area for the school bus. Such a pleasant surprise for me as I have always disliked that road!

The “bug man” is coming later as the fleas have started up again.  Guess winter didn’t slow them down one bit.  I’ve heard that chiggers and ticks are plentiful this year.

God bless, be well.

From the desk of Jamey Herd: (Last week’s news) Pleasant Ridge Baptist was well attended even though it was a holiday weekend. The cemetery was looking very nice on Sunday with several coming during the day to decorate. It looked like most people had done their decorating on Saturday. The grass was not very green due to the dry hot weather but was mowed and neat. Services were cancelled on Sunday night so folks could travel to their respective cemeteries or to spend time with their families. Billy Joe and I traveled to Theodosia on Monday and decorated at the Lutie cemetery. We attended their annual cemetery meeting then drove down to the lake to “Cookies Restaurant” to eat lunch. I usually make a lunch and take to eat under the pavilion with other attendee’s but due to the heat we decided to eat out. The lake level is way down but there were a lot of vacationers out on the water.  After lunch, Billy Joe and I drove over to the farm so he could check on his cattle. He dropped me off at neighbors, Shirley and Vernon Garrison, and I visited with them while he checked on things. His cousin, Carl Herd, stopped in also so we had a really nice visit with everyone.

(This week’s news) What a change this past week weather wise but with some much needed rain. We even had a small fire one day to keep the chill off the house. I just don’t remember such varied temperature changes like we have had the past five months.

Pleasant Ridge was down in number today. I don’t know if the rain and lightning this morning kept people away. It was nice seeing Doris Victor in service this morning. I didn’t get to talk to her before she left as we were rushing around to leave ourselves. I received a call before church service ended that we had a cow out at Theodosia.  We rushed home so Billy Joe could go take care of the situation. He found a couple of holes in the fence and repaired them. He reports there still hasn’t been any rain down there.

At 3 a.m. this morning I was awakened by the cats squalling on the back porch so rushed through the house to see what was happening. At first I didn’t see anything but could tell something was in the maple tree on the back side of the trunk when suddenly a kitten was dropped to the ground. I yelled for Billy Joe to bring the gun when suddenly a coyote took off from the corner of the yard and headed for the timber. I still don’t know what was in the tree but the kitten survived the fall. I didn’t hear anything fly so don’t think it was an owl. Will coons catch domestic cats? Billy Joe has a coon getting in the feed room into his feed and has been unsuccessful catching it. He baited a live trap with peanut butter and the mice were eating it before the coon could be baited. Needless to say it is never dull around here.

School is out but Summer School is in session. Churches are gearing up for VBS and church camps. The Library and Park Boards have lots of activities for the children. The Wright, Douglas, Ozark Baptist Association will be having summer camp this month. If you have children who would like to attend camp call myself at 683-2364 or Pastor Carl at 241-0827 for info and time. Registrations need to be sent in shortly. Our VBS will be in August. There are many churches in our area that will be having VBS so check this paper or churches around you if you would like for your children to attend one or many.

Today was our 51st Wedding Anniversary but we didn’t get to celebrate very much. We received calls from the kids with best wishes. That is the best gift of all. Till next week Blessing to all.

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