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Mike Strong of Huthison, Kansas came by to visit me on Monday.

Johnnie and Debra Reed of Beloit, Kansas and Miguel and Tiffany Ayala, Garrett, Grant, Issac and Gaby left here on Monday to go to Branson then left for home on Tuesday morning.

Donna Dodson came by on Monday.

Those visiting Max and Kathy Stephens of Rogersville Monday were John and Jo Stephens, Eric Stephens, Lana Stephens, Ralph and Jane Call.

Jo Stephens came by here on Tuesday.

Donna and Quin was here on Thursday.

Donna and Reece took me to town Friday. Diana Davis came by Friday also.

Quin stayed with me Saturday while Keith and Melanie, Reece, Macee and Ethan Gunter took Megan to Norwood to play ball. David and Donna went also.

Mike and Corrina watched Chase and Bryse play ball this weekend.

Rheba Pool brought me some fish and fries Saturday from their fish fry.

Happy Birthday in June to Delwin the 7th, Melissa the 15th, Isaiah the 24th.

Happy 58th Anniversary to John and Jo Stephens June 19 and David and Donna Dodson June 26.

Megan Goforth spent Thursday night with Regan Koop.

Reece Goforth spent Saturday night with Ethan Gunter.

Megan, Quin and Macee spent Saturday night with David and Donna and attended church with them.

Reece and Quin stayed Sunday night with David and Donna.

Debra Reed of Kansas and Juanita Kazenske of Illinois called this week.

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