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Opening Sunday School Roy Hampton read James 2:12 and prayed to open the service.

Our Sunday School lesson continued with Acts 16. We answered the seven questions asked last week and had a lot of good discussion. I love this part of our service because you have to get into the Word and research so many different places and I learn a lot from this. Seven more questions were asked for next week.

We entered into our congregational singing and we were again thankful that Brother Ronnie Thomas and his bass voice could be with us. We also praise God for his healing power to his sweet wife, Sue , and we continue to pray for his mother, Rhoda Thomas. I personally ask you Heavenly Father that you pour out your blessing on this family. We also give thanks for God’s healing touch to Wilma Hampton and pray she can be with us in worship soon.

Brother Joe (Cub) Lafferty, took his sermon from St. John 3. We as human beings were born into sin and condemnation. Jesus tells us in the 17th verse that God didn’t send Him to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. We were already condemned, but we don’t have to stay in that state. Jesus took care of that. There are some of us that accepted Him and His mercy and some will choose to see this as foolishness and go on with their darkness and sin only to spend eternity in Hell. They will find out the truth, but it will be too late. If there is one who is among the followers of Jesus that is reading this, just know  I thank God for you and pray His blessings on you and your families. But if there be a reader that is reading this, we as believers are praying that God will open your heart and touch you in such a way that you can’t help but to accept Him as your Savior and be spared an eternal seperation from God and the torutures of Hell. God help you, I pray.

We thank all of you that came to our monthly singing on Friday night on 6-8-12 and look forward to seeing you next month on 7-13-12. Remember it is always the Second Friday night of the month. We had a good time of worship in singing and fellowship in eating together and thoroughly enjoyed it again at this singing.

God bless you all real good. Let’s keep on keeping on and finish our race.

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