Breedon News

Sunday school opened with Joe Lafferty reading Psalms 28. Michelle Lee led the opening prayer.

Our Sunday School lesson was from Acts chapter 15. Following our lesson different ones gave a question to search the answer and tell their findings next week. We had seven questions, one for each day of the week, with one carried over from last week. Danny and Michelle Lee sure can give some good ones. Between Ronnie Thomas and them our brains get a good work out. I am thankful we have them to motivate us to put our minds and hands to opening our Bibles to search the scriptures.

Our service changed to congregational and special singing. Brother Joe (Cub) Lafferty took the pulpit and preached from St. John, chapter 12. Lazarus had been raised from the dead and this miracle caused many Jews to begin believing upon Jesus and His Grace. Not only were the chilef priests conspiring to kill Jesus, but Lazarus also because this miracle confirmed the power of Jesus, God’s only Son. Satan had his window of opportunity to attempt to destroy the word of God and its truth. Even today we should be ever watchful and in prayer that we don’t fall in one of his snares to become an instrument he can use to confuse and hinder what Jesus has taught. Lest we become as the Pharisees were. They kept the law of Moses but their hearts were not really set on pleasing God. They had become proud and stiff-necked and they had the respect of the Jewish people. Jesus had exposed them for the hypocrites they were and they were going to put an end to the Holy One to secure their pride. Little did they know that God would turn their evil intent into glorification and magnifying the person of Jesus Christ, His Son rather than His destruction. All through the scripture you can see God doing this – turning something evil into something good and He still ldoes this today. Praise His Holy Name.

This Friday night, June 8, 2012 is our monthly singing. Everyone is welcome and come prepared to sing and worship with us. Don’t forget we eat afterwards and have good fellowship in our Lord and Savior. It starts at 7:00 p.m.

Last Saturday night, June 2, 2012, we had “Tag That Preacher” on the Ava square. We were down in number, but still had a good time in the Lord. Remember it is always the first Saturday of every month, just in case, I forget to mention it in this letter or list it in the calendar of events. Everyone have a good week and God bless you all and keep you by His Power.