Breedon Church

Opening scripture read by Roy Hampton, from St. Matthew 5:14-18, then he led in prayer.  Sunday school lesson was continued on from Acts, chapter 19.  Paul goes on into Ephesus and found some disciples and asked them if they had received the Holy Ghost. They answered, “They had not even heard whether there be any Holy Ghost.”  Paul questioned, “What then were they baptized.”  They replied, “Unto John’s baptism.”  Paul explained, John’s baptizing was unto repentance and they should believe on the one after Him – Christ Jesus.  When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.  Paul put his hands on them then the Holy Ghost came upon them and they spoke with different tongues and prophesied.  They created quite a stir among the people, because some craftsmen made their living by making Gods to sell for the worship of the “great goddess Diana.”  This made them very unhappy. The work and gospel of Jesus, continues on and Satan tries his best to combat it.  Well Satan, we’ve read to the end of the book and you are already defeated.  We’ve won in and through The blessed Holy name and power of Jesus Christ our Savior.  Praise God!

We are so thankful for our visitors, Charles and Jan Lee and Kenneth and Bonnie Lee.  We hope to have them back and thoroughly enjoyed their discussion with us from our Sunday school lesson.  We thank Charles and Jan for the special singing they blessed us with.  God is so good to us, not just during our worship in the Sabbath, but everyday of our lives.  Even in our valleys praise His Holy name.

We entered into our worship service, with Brother Cub (Joe) Lafferty, taking his sermon from Ephesians 2:1-14.  We all are sinners and have lived through the lusts of the flesh, but God, our merciful Heavenly Father, had great love for us.  Even though we were dead in our sins, He quickened us…made us alive, together with Christ, for by grace we are saved.  Not anything we have done.  None of us can pray long enough, sing pretty enough, pay tithes or attend church enough, to be saved.  These works should be done to give thanks and praise to Jesus, who saved us, but our works are as filthy rags before a perfect, Holy and Almighty God.  Jesus, His Son, agreed to our Heavenly Father, to come to a sinful world, live with sinful people and yet never sin.  He was flesh, just as we are, yet He never did wrong.  The perfect sacrifice without spot or blemish, came to die in our place and redeem us back to our Heavenly Father.  Our sacrifices could not even come close to removing our sins that drew us away and separated us from a mighty, all righteous and all sovereign God.  JESUS, what a beautiful name.  A name above all others and is worthy of all our praise and gratitude.  I thank you Jesus, for saving my soul and pray that those that are lost will be quickened, convicted and accept you as their personal Savior, before it is eternally too late.  May God bless you and keep you.  Have a great week.