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Wow, summer has moved in quickly.  We’ve had so much going on in the life of our church this spring.  We’ve had mother’s day banquets, senior graduates whom we honored and our Memorial Day service was a great time to honor and acknowledge all those who have served and fought for our freedom.  And now Vacation Bible School is upon us.  We also have our youth camp beginning and we will be needing volunteers to help at the camp and desserts are always needed for the kids during these next few weeks.

Oren read from Exodus 32:15-24 this Sunday.  We heard again the disappointing behavior of God’s people while Moses spent time with God carving out the Ten Commandments.  Aaron let the people bully him into making a gold calf and they were going against all of God’s commandments. When Moses asked Aaron why he did this, Aaron gave him a very flimsy excuse.    We all do that sometimes.  Our excuses sound so pitiful and we want to blame someone else or blame it on other circumstances.   But, we can’t hide from God.  There is no excuse for bad behavior.  We are children of God.  We know that we can’t let people persuade us off the path of righteousness so why do we let it happen?   It’s hard when we feel the peer pressure around us at work or school.  It helps to stay focused on God.  Keep your heart open to the Word, study the Word daily, pray daily and confess and ask forgiveness whenever necessary.  God loves you so give your heart to Him.  Don’t use those other hidden Gods like the people of Israel used to have.  Material things are just things.  They are only temporary on this earth.  God is forever.

Pray for the Vacation Bible School going on this week.  We will have the VBS program on June 10th during the 10:45 am worship service.  Keep all our missionaries, near and far in your prayers.  They need guidance and strength to deal with the work God has for them.  Pray for those who have lost a loved one recently.  Pray for the Henslee Family.  We need to remember any friends and family who may be facing medical issues or living in the nursing homes or in the hospital.

We appreciate all our volunteers involved in VBS.  I know Tara and Courtney have been working hard and by the looks of all the decorations I saw in the hallways and classrooms, it has paid off.  There is so much imagination and time spent on making this VBS special.   Also, we appreciate those carpenters who helped out with their handy work.   Everything looks great and the kids should love it.  They will also be learning about Jesus and all he does for them as well as having a great week of fun.

Soon Father’s Day will be here and we look forward to giving our appreciation to all our dads out there.  Even if our dad’s are no longer here, they always have a special place in our hearts.

Have a great week and we want to invite you to join us for worship at Ava General Baptist Church at either 8:30 am or 10:45.   We would love for you to stay for Sunday school too.  Don’t forget our Wednesday night Bible study at 7 pm.  It’s a good way to keep focused on the word during our week and holds us until we meet again on Sunday.  We hope to see you there.  God Bless.

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