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Today was a great day to come to the house of God. We need to remember the ones who gave their lives so we can have the freedom to worship and the ones who is still fighting for our freedom. We should be praying for the ones who are fighting for us. Todays message was on encouragement from Acts 9-21-31 Pastor Buddy brought out how Saul needed encouragement from someone after his conversion to Christianity because the Jews wanted to kill him and the Christians were still afraid of him and didn’t believe he had really changed. Barnabas was the one that came to not only encourage Saul but also to encourage the Christians to accept him into their fellowship. As I listened to the message I asked myself – do I encourage people or discourage them? We always need to encourage people to stay in the ministry. Pastor Buddy brought out the fact that 90% of people who start in ministry don’t retire from it. They either quit or have something that disqualifies them from it.  If we have been saved we are in the ministry of serving and encouraging the ones that are struggling with life and discouragement. When we need to overcome discouragement there is some things we can do. We can decide we are not going to quit or give up. We should always seek help from God. We should swallow our pride and go to others and be honest with them about our problems so they can encourage you. We should go to the Word of God. Philipians chapter 4 is a great chapter to read when you are feeling discouraged.

NEXT SUNDAY We are having all day service at 8:30. Pastor Buddy will be bringing the message at 9:30 breakfast downstairs at 11:00 Comedian Jarrett Dougherty from Pierce Arrow in Branson will be with us. at 12:15. We will have lunch on the grounds at 1:00 p.m Potters Wheel will be singing. Come be with us next Sunday, I’m sure you will enjoy it and we will be happy to have you.  We have Wednesday night Bible study at 7:00 and Sunday night services at 6:00 We also have childrens programs for all ages.

Thought for the week;   A church member who believes nothing, says nothing, does nothing, and gives nothing is worth nothing.

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