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Debbie Cederlind came down Friday evening to Bonnie Phipps and stayed all night with her and went back home Saturday evening.

Bonnie went to church Sunday and then Cecilia came over after church and had dinner with her.

Last Monday I received 1.5 inches of rain and was it ever nice. That evening Carol Moore, Doris Morrison and Hellen Blakey went with Marie Dickey to Mansfield to their O.E.S. Friendship Night.

Last Tuesday evening Monica Reemes came up and we went up to Vernal and Ellen’s to spend the night so we could get to the hospital next day to have my hand operated on. Monica and Vernal brought me home afterwards just long enough to get my medicine and clothes and I went back to Vernal’s to stay for a few days.

The operation went okay and it is doing just fine.

Thursday I went over to Ellen’s folks and spent the day while Vernal and Ellen worked.

Vernal was off Friday so he was there with me, then Saturday Vernal took me to Preston where I attended the Preston School Reunion, there was only one of my classmates there. It seems like Jessie Payne and I are the only ones that makes it.

I got to see two of my sisters, Mollie and Dale McPheeters, Katie and Jimmie Moulder and our Aunt Milda Halastik from Kansas City and lots of cousins.

Saturday night late I received a call from Marsha and she said that Liz Bailey had passed away so I told Vernal that I had to go home Sunday because they were having her funeral Monday morning and I wanted to be there. Vernal had to work Sunday until 2:30 so he brought me home when he got to Ellen’s folks house where everyone had gathered for Father’s Day dinner. After dinner Bill’s grandson, Johnathan, hooked up his laptop and Bill got to talk and see his great-granddaughter, Amelia, who lives in Saint Louis.

Lets keep those prayer going for our sick folks. My prayers and sympathy goes out to the Liz Bailey family and friends and all the others who have lost a loved one. Lets keep our leaders and the men and women in the services and their families and the ones in training in our prayers.

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