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Bonnie Phipps said she got out and went to church Sunday.  Monica Reemes, came up last Monday and took me to Springfield, to a doctor and he set me up for the 13th, to have surgery on my right hand and then we went on over to Cox South, to get the prepping done for it, so I didn’t have to go back up there.  We came back to Ozark and ate at the Chinese place before coming on home.  Monica went on home and I had just time enough to change into some other clothes and go to my O.E.S. meeting.

Wednesday, I went over and help set up for our O.E.S. sale for Thursday and Friday, that night I went to the Mt. Tabor business meeting, because we didn’t have any Bible study.

I took eggs in Thursday morning and then I went by the O.E.S. sale and bought a gate and took it by and left it at Tara and Justin’s, Kendra was baby-sitting little Jett. Monica came up Thursday evening and we went down to Nina Carter’s for one of the D.A.R. meetings.  I had a wonderful time talking with LaDonna, who used to be a Gentry, so I knew her Uncle Ralph Gentry.

Friday, I spent the day at the O.E.S. sale and helped pack it up afterwards.

I will go to Preston for my high school reunion this Saturday.

Don Bryan brought the message Sunday morning, about communion and foot washing, there, it was a good service, then Rick Englehardt brought the message Sunday night.

Just keep praying for our sick folks. Some will go see the doctor and my operation will be an out-patient surgery.  My prayers and sympathy, go out to all who have lost a loved one.  Keep our leaders and the men and women in the service  and their families and the ones in training in your prayers.

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