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Bonnie Phillips said Tracy Lakey and friend, Linda, came to Ava to see her and to decorate the graves of her family’s here.  Debbie Cederlind came down Friday evening and stayed all night with Bonnie and then Saturday, Bonnie and her girls all went to the Ava, Walnut Grove and Arno Cemeterys and decorated all the graves, Debbie went back home that evening.

I had Jett for four days last week, Tara brought him twice and Justin brought him twice.

Last Monday was our O.E.S. Friendship night, we had a few side liners.

Marsha Blakey came by last Tuesday and picked up some of my garage sale items, to give to a young couple, who was setting up house keeping.

Bible study Wednesday night, there was Nina Carter, Don and Evelyn Bryan. Martin Hathcock, James and Jayana Christenson and Hellen Blakey, everyone that misses sure is missing out.  Kendra brought Lakota up Thursday to stay with me and Jett, until it was time for James to come and pick her up to go play basketball in Mansfield.

Jo took a dozen eggs into town for me, that Mark had brought to me and Violet came and picked up her eggs that day too.  Friday I took the rest of the eggs into town and then I went down to Long Dollar and got some flowers and took to the Fannon, Spring Creek, Mt. Tabor and Arno Cemetery before I got home then I dropped by John and Jo for a second.

I went to Ozark, Saturday morning and met Monica Reemes, and we went up to Branch, Mo. and stopped at the Y Park and met all my three sisters and two brothers and all their families.  We ate dinner there, then we took pictures and then headed for the Hopewell Cemetery, where our mom, dad, grandpas and grandmas are buried. Margaret Allen, brought her son’s ashes down and buried them on top of his dad’s grave.  Monica and I came on back, because she had to go to work at the Shepherd of the Hill’s that evening.  Mark and Mark Weston, brought me some more eggs while I was gone and I gave him some watermelon plants to set out on the 29th, that is a good day to transplant.

Rick Englehardt brought the message Sunday at Mt. Tabor and after I left the church, I went over to George and Violet’s and got to meet her brother, Bill Christy and his wife.  I came back by Bessie Hall’s and visited with her for a while.

Let’s keep sick folks in our prayers, because there are new ones out there everyday.  My prayers and sympathy goes out to all the ones who have lost a loved one and there are too many to list.  Let’s keep our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in our prayers.

This is the last call for you Blakeys out there, because this Saturday is our reunion.  The doors will be open at nine and we will have dinner at noon, so bring a covered dish with you, plates and forks will be furnished.  It is in the Masonic Temple basement, behind Town & Country.

The O.E.S. will have a rummage, bake craft and jewelry sale, June 7th & 8th, in the Masonic Temple basement, Thursday 8 to 5, Friday 8 to 1.

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