All Around Bradleyville

Wow, if you don’t have air conditioning or are working outside in this hot weather I feel for you. After I go out to water all my plants I am so hot I just want to collapse in front of a fan. The swimming hole in Brushy Creek where we used to swim all the time is almost completely dried up, just a narrow ditch of water going through the middle of the creek bed. I don’t think there would even be that much except for the springs that feed the creek.

Bob and I and a couple of our grandkids got stuck in traffic Sunday trying to get to Springfield and decided to take a detour. We took Highway A just past Saddlebrooke, hoping it would connect to a highway near Ozark, but it didn’t. We finally ended up in familiar territory when we came out on Round Mountain Road and connected to H Highway and came out at Chadwick. We were too late for our thing at Springfield so we just shopped a little at Ozark, had pizza and came on home.

New Mansion Church will be having its Independence Celebration on Sunday evening, July 1, starting at 4:00 with games for the kids. There will be special music throughout the evening, and around 7:00 BBQ pork will be served for supper, along with lots of side dishes. At dark there will be fireworks. Everyone is invited to bring a side dish and your lawn chair and come share the food, fellowship, games, singing, and fireworks.

New Mansion will be having Vacation Bible School July 9-13, from 6:30pm-9:00pm, with the program on Sunday, July 15.

Congratulations to Mandy Hampton and Dustin Rogers on the birth of their baby girl, Erin Leigh, last Thursday, June 21. Erin weighed 7 lb. 9 oz. and was 21 inches long.  She is a very pretty baby.

Birthdays for the coming week include: June 28: Exie Case; June 29: David Easley, Amber Krtek, Jerry Herd; July 1: Wayne Grigg; July 3: Madison Combs, Bandy Dalton, Mike Ridings; July 4: Ethan Todd.

Anniversaries: June 29: Danny and Kerri Hampton; June 30: Bill and Barbara Comer; July 2: Justin and Nikki Combs.