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All Around Bradleyville

We are so thankful for the good rain we got last week. I think we got about an inch and a half here. I would love for it to rain that much more this week. My flowers and vegetables loved the rain. I think every green bean seed I planted came up and they are already about four inches tall. Well, all of them except for the plants in the middle of the bed. That is where our stray white dog decided to dig a hole and lay. He changed his mind when I got after him with a shovel, but he only made it as far as my flower bed and was going to stop there and dig a hole so I had to persuade him once again to move. I hope he learns he can’t get in my gardens.

My granddaughter, Danielle came over early Monday morning and she and I picked close to two gallons of blackberries. It would have been a full two gallons if we hadn’t eaten so many of them while we were picking them. That is a side benefit of blackberry picking. We didn’t see any bears, wild hogs or copperheads although we kept an eye out for all of them. I did hear the grass rustling right beside me in one place but when I investigated it was only a terrapin hunting his breakfast.

Congratulations to Brenten and Kimberly (Easley) Blake on the birth of their son, Cooper Brenten on June 13. He weighed 6 lbs. 1 oz. and was 19 1/2 inches long.

Congratulations to Mike and Sammi Jo (Norwine) Gailey who got married last Saturday, June 16. It looked like a beautiful wedding and they are honeymooning in Maui.

Congratulations also to Corey and Destiney (Ward) Ridings who also got married Saturday at New Mansion Church. I didn’t get to attend it either but it also looked beautiful.

I saw Linda Orick’s comment in last week’s paper that the ticks and chiggers would go a country mile to bite her and I would have to agree. What ones don’t get her come hunting for me. I haven’t seen them this bad in years.

Kim Casey, who is the pre-school teacher at Bradleyville wants to let everyone know about the pre-school registration. If you have a pre-school age child you want to attend this coming fall, please give the school a call for enrollment information.

Scott Lawson competed in a spearfishing tournament last Saturday in Arkansas but didn’t have any success. I heard something about the one that got away, so it seems that spearfishing has something in common with regular fishing.

Birthdays for the coming week include: June 21: David Day; June 23: Vic Badovinatz, Lou Letendre, Jerrad Saffle; June 24: Tyler Flannery, Pam Herd, Dale Pennington, Kay Whittaker; June 25: Jim Day, Kent Scantlin; June 26: Heather Day, Hannah Gailey, Summer Holvick, Kristi Smith; June 27: Wendy Tinker.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: June 24: Darin and Katie Hodges, Kenyon and Jeannie Whittaker; June 25: Eddie and Leona Hunsaker.

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