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All Around Bradleyville

My yard snaps, crackles and pops when I walk across it, except for one small area where all the water runs from my leaky outdoor faucet when I am watering my flowers. I finally got some green beans planted right beside my back porch in a little bed I made for them. They may not do anything, and then again they might. I’m hoping they will of course, I love to can green beans and we used up the last of what I had a few weeks ago. Nothing tastes better than fresh green beans cooked all day with some bacon grease to season them.

Bob and I attended the Bradleyville All School Reunion last Saturday evening. We had never gone to it before and we enjoyed seeing people we had gone to school with through the years. I saw several people that I knew from yearbooks but am not really acquainted with personally. I am a yearbook fanatic. I have almost every yearbook from 1962 (which was my first grade year) through the current year. I am missing only two or three years during that time period. I used to love to just look through them and my kids always dreaded me saying “Let’s get out the yearbooks and look that up,” now they are finding themselves getting them out and looking through them too, once in a while.

Every year the Alumni Association picks one alumni and one non-alumni person who has been of service to the school to be named to the Association’s “Wall of Fame”. This year’s non-alumni person was Jerry Redfern, a lawyer and friend of Bradleyville School who leads the “Roy W. Slusher Foundation,” which has helped the school tremendously over the years. The choice for the alumni was Bob Case. Bob has served on the school board for 23 years and been President of the Board now for 14 years. They were both presented a plaque of appreciation.

One of the people I did know but didn’t recognize until they called his name was Stanley Goetz. I hadn’t seen Stanley for many years. Stanley lives in Joplin now and was injured last year in the tornado that went through Joplin. He was in a coma for several days and was given only a ten percent chance of living. Stanley said he knew he owed his recovery to God’s mercy and the power of prayer.

Bob also got to visit a little while with Verna Hurst. Verna and also her sisters, Treva and Eva June have lived in Illinois for several years.

It was nice to visit a while with Martha Sue (Todd) Cornett at the reunion and I appreciated the nice words she had for me and the news articles.

We were glad to hear that Virgil Neuenschwander came through his heart surgery with flying colors. Virgil had to have a valve replacement, three by-passes and a “Maze” procedure, which re-routes some of the “crazy” impulses in his heart and stops the fibrillation. Virgil and Lynda live in Choctaw, Oklahoma most of the time, but live across the highway from us for several weeks at different times of the year.

We had a precious little newborn baby girl at church last Sunday.  Caroline Pride was there with her mommy and daddy, Rebecca and Carl Pride, and her big sister Abigail. Caroline is a beautiful baby with lots of dark hair.

The radio says storms are coming this way this morning, and I hope that means some rain for our area. It also means I need to finish my news and get off the computer and unplug the lines. Two of my previous computers got fried by lightning, coming through the phone line. The last one got hit before we even heard the thunder, so I am always anxious to unplug this one before any storms get close.

Birthdays for the coming week include: June 14: Katie Hodges, David Murphy, Raymond Swadley; June 15: Elsie Combs, Calley Matthews, Amy Strahan; June 16: Tom Braden, Samantha Copas; June 17: Shannon Baird, Arnold O’Neal; June 18: Karla Yeary; June 20: Debbie Chance, Corby Lux.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: June 14: Dennis and Sara Case; June17: Clarence and Shelley Rogers; June 19: David and Jerilyn Day.

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