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All Around Bradleyville

Bob and I spent most of the day Sunday at our family reunion. Some of us only see each other a few times a year, so we always have lots of catching up to do. Those present at the Sloan family reunion last Sunday included the head of our “Sloan” family, J.W. and Donna Sloan, and Ginger Sloan, Sue Porter, Roger and Deana Magnuson and two sons, Ryan and Reid, Frank and Kesha Schreiber and children, Brayden and Brianna, Venessa Mills, Amy Mills, Jenna Mills, Stephanie Sloan, Bob and Karen Case, Lynn Case, Kyle, Jessi and Courtney Laughlin, Alexis Landis, Jason and Alicia Crouch and children, Danielle and Hayden, Scott and Julie Lawson and Garrett, and Virginia Clayton. Everybody had a good time visiting, eating, and playing basketball, playing on the playground and tossing water balloons. We took lots of pictures and looked at pictures of previous reunions and laughed a little and maybe wanted to cry a little at how our kids had grown, how we had changed, and missing those who were no longer with us.

One person stopped at the reunion to ask us if we knew where they were having the bluegrass concert. Jason told him he wasn’t sure where it was, but told him where he thought it could be, and later we saw the same man on the late news playing an instrument at said concert, so I am glad he found the place he was supposed to be.

After we left the reunion we went to visit our friend, Yvonne Cavner who has spent a week or so in the hospital getting her meds adjusted for the Parkinson’s disease she suffers from. We wanted to visit and also give her an update on her little Pomeranian dog, Angel.  We have been taking care of Angel for Yvonne while she is in the hospital, and she lives up to her name. She is so quiet and well-behaved. The only time she barks is when she sees our cats on the back porch and then she tries her best to scare them off. Only problem is that the cats are all as big as she is so they aren’t much scared.

Congratulations to Carl and Rebecca Pride and big sister Abigail on the birth of their new baby, Caroline Elizabeth Pride. The baby was born on May 29 and weighed 7 lbs. 14 oz. and was 21 ¼ inches long. I saw pictures of her on facebook being held by her proud Aunt Lauren and she is a beautiful baby.

New Mansion Church hosted a softball tournament last Saturday and Belinda Wyman said it was a great success, with over one thousand dollars raised to help with Vacation Bible School, which will take place in July. Belinda was getting ready to go to a birthday party for her niece, Kambria Todd and was making Kambria’s favorite, mashed potatoes, at Kambria’s request.


White River Senior Camp started this week and I have three grandkids that will be there. They always have a great time at youth camp. Ball camps start this week also, and two of the grandkids along with several others will be signing out in the evening for a few hours then going back after ballgames, so it’s going to be a very busy week for those kids.

Birthdays for the coming week include: June 7: Ethan Byrne, Barbara Collins, Raymond Cummings, Erin Guerin, Bill Hurst; June 8: Gary Casey, Lana Thomas, Helen Maggard, Ron O’Neal, Zachary Strahan; June 9: Dustin Johnson, Rio Krtek; June 10: Johanna Kisling; June 11: Heidi Todd, Jamie Pollard, Sara Whittaker; June 12: Baylee Jo Hurst; June 13: Roger Chaney.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: June 8: John and Heather Day; June 10: Steve and Dee Combs, Stan and Susan Sivils; June 11: Jason and Alicia Crouch.

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