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All Around Bradleyville

My hummingbirds seem few and far between this year so far. I see three or four hummers for a little while of the morning and maybe that many again late in the evening. I know it is early and there are usually lots more as the summer goes on, but since everything has seemed to be a month ahead of schedule, I thought I would have more hummers than usual by now.  I have quite a few flowers that hummingbirds like so they may be filling in with lots of flowers in between.  It is so dry my flowers need watering every day but they still don’t look as nice as they would if it would come a nice slow rain on them.

Several people are out picking blackberries already, the ones around the house look dried up, I guess I need to range out farther from the house and hopefully I’ll find some nice big berries growing in the shade somewhere.

Saturday afternoon Bob and I made the rounds to the cemeteries to put flowers on the graves of our loved ones. We didn’t see anyone we knew anywhere but at Patterson Cemetery where Ernest Combs was raising the United States Flag.

Julie and Scott Lawson and Garrett are home from a trip to St. Petersburg Florida with Scott’s folks, Cody and Carrie Jenkins, and some more family.  They had a great time, did some deep sea fishing and lots of playing in the sand and surf. I sure am thankful they had a good time and got there and back safely. Garrett spent Sunday afternoon with us so his Grandpa Bob and I could get caught up on all the hugs and kisses from him we missed while he was gone.

I mentioned in an earlier article that Boyd and Kayla Combs finally got to officially adopt their little boy, Jonah but due to lots of paperwork they weren’t able to make it official with their little girl, but this week they will also officially adopt their daughter, Callie.  Boyd and Kayla will be having their Baby Dedication/Gotcha Party on June 2, at the Bradleyville Nazarene Fellowship Hall, starting at 4:00 pm. Everyone is invited to come and celebrate this joyous time with this wonderful family.

I heard from a friend that the Bradleyville graduating class of 1962 had their 50 year class reunion on May 19 at the Taney Center. She said there was a lot of food, friends and fellowship.

The Bradleyville All-School Reunion will be held at the school Saturday, June 9, with registration starting at 6:00 pm. Shirley Hall will give a brief history of the school. Everyone is invited to come out and visit with former classmates, faculty and staff members.

Birthdays for the coming week include:  May 31: Hildred Knight, Ginger Sloan; June 1: Bob Birdsong, Eddie Combs, Roy Combs, Kambria Todd; June 2: Devon Hankins, Casey Hodges, Hooter Maggard, Ben Rogers; June 3: Tim Blair; June 4: Lynn Gott, Robyn Whittaker, Jeffrey Shockey; June 6: Barbara Comer, Stephanie Lewis.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: June 1: Joe and Paulette Combs; June 2: Jerry and Pam Herd; June 3: Randy and Joyce Adams, Jack and Stacey Clemans; June 4: David and Teresa Koenig, J.W. and Donna Sloan, June 5: Corby and Lisa Lux; June 6: Jackie and Shirley Hall.

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