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Just a shower of rain Sunday afternoon helped settle the dust and dry earth.

Two little “hummers” came to my feeder Sunday.  I only saw one before, and was surprised there were none showing up like last year in early May.  In spite of the price of sugar being high, I welcome the ‘hummers”.

Edith McKinnon attended the Ozark County Christian women’s brunch last Saturday, May 19th.  The monthly meeting will be hosted by Liberty church with some other churches co-hosting, at Isabella, the 3rd Saturday of June.  Salem church was host for last Saturday.

Best wishes to Olline Yockam who has health problems.

Sympathy to those who lost loved ones recently, and to others who have health problems.  Among those are Ron Mahan and Barney Douglas and several others in surrounding neighborhoods.

Mary Boze is with her daughter in California who is having therapy.

Diane Easterday and husband had her parents from Iowa visiting them last week.  On Saturday evening the “Daisies” and “Brownies” girl scouts had a disc-golf picnic and supper at Rocky-Top picnic area, having an enjoyable time.

Bob and Wendy Semyck took their mushrooms to the market in Springfield last week, from their Tecumseh home.

Judy Breyne enjoyed a visit from her late husband Paul’s daughter, Lori Campbell, from Thursday to Saturday of last week. She lives in the Chicago area.

My daughter, Kristin Luebbert, from Lindsborg, Kansas is here with me until August, and keeps busy with projects around the place.  She went to her brother, Marlyn Pitcock’s, at Forsyth and attended church with them Sunday morning and Forsyth High School graduation Sunday afternoon where her niece McKayla Braden graduated.  They had an extended family group that all went out to a restaurant for Sunday dinner.

Theresa Bridges visited her mother and attended church with her Sunday.

A baby shower was given Tara and Justin Simmons for their new baby boy Sunday evening after services at Lilly Ridge church.

There is no set time for decoration of graves at Lilly Ridge cemetery.  Those who have loved ones buried here come and go during Memorial weekend.  It will be June 10th before we have our annual cemetery committee meeting.

Best wishes to all high school graduates and their future endeavors.

Food for thought, “The healthiest competition occurs when average people win by putting in above-average effort.”

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