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There are people who just will not give God the credit for anything.  For instance, a friend will credit ‘good karma’ for a good turn of events.  But, let her be in a real jam, and she’s on the phone requesting prayers.  God didn’t tell Noah that there might be a big rain coming and he might want to be prepared.  He was very specific.  Genesis 6 tells the story.

The Old Testament is filled with accounts of God’s dealings with mankind.  It also shows what happens when people heed the wrong voice.  Eve is the first one that is mentioned.  She listened to the serpent. (Genesis 3)  Like the pastor said today:  Know the difference between the shepherd’s voice and the devil’s voice.

That’s what the sermon was about.  It’s from Numbers 22.  Remember the story of Balaam and his donkey?  Balaam had already received his instructions from God.  But for some unknown reason, he decides to ride to Moab with the princes.  On the way, the donkey spots the angel holding a sword.  Three times he avoids catastrophe.  Balaam gets mad and threatens to kill the donkey.  Then they (Balaam and the donkey) have a little confab.  Then the angel appears to Balaam and Balaam ‘sees the light’ so to speak.

Could it have been that once Balaam delivered the message he felt he could go ahead and do as he pleased?  Was his head turned because of all the riches?  Whatever it was he would have been far better off if he had just stuck with what God told him to do and left it there.

Balaam did it right the first time.  But doing it right once is not enough.  What kind of testimony is there when people get it right a few or many times and then quit?  To win a relay race, each leg has to be run.  Like II Timothy 4:7 says, “…I have finished my course…”

Sweden Church gladly gives away copies of the sermons on CD.  Call (4l7) 543-6219 to get a copy. Live like Jesus came yesterday, died today, and is coming back tomorrow.

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