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“But their minds were blinded…” (II Corinthians 3:14).  It reminds me of some teenagers.  All the talk in the world won’t deter a youth from doing what he/she has his/her mind set on.  Sometimes the only thing that works is to put a foot on their head (figuratively speaking, of course) and tell them that it ‘ain’t happ’ning’.  The uproar that follows makes one wonder if that is their kid or has some evil demon possessed them.

That is what I was thinking about when the preacher began the service.  Then he talked about having eye problems and getting corrective lenses.  It wasn’t until the correction happened that he realized just how poor his vision was.  I guess that’s the same with teenagers.  It isn’t until they mature and get their ‘corrective lenses’ that they realize just how much trouble they could have gotten into.  Many are the times that adult children have come back and thanked their parents for being so ‘mean’.

Of course, in this case, the Bible is speaking of spiritual blindness.  It’s true, there are a lot of folks who have no idea that they are blind, that there is a veil separating them from the truth which is the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It’s like having a cataract.  The vision of the soul has been blinded.  All the forces of the world are at work to prevent this veil from being removed.

This is the clincher.  Responsible people (in the case above, it was the parents) who know the truth should share this truth with those who need to hear it (in the case above, it was the teenagers).  Believers must not let the gospel stay hidden (II Corinthians 4:3-6).  The fate of the ones in spiritual darkness is there in front of us like our kids were.

God bless our preacher.  He always manages to say something that causes us who listen to him to sit up and take an accounting of ourselves.  This time it was “How much good have I done for Christ this week?

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