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May 7, 2012 correction

Well, Delmar and I were both a little under the weather on Sunday so we neither one went to church.

One day we took Delmar’s brother to Springfield to the doctor.

My mom, Nora Hunsaker, has been having trouble with her ear but is feeling a little better, she   went to the doctor and got antibiotics. I talked on the phone to Theda Sanders and they are doing pretty good. Theda lost her brother, James Miller, last week and they were really close, closer than I have ever seen a brother and sister.

I talked to Howard Morris and he and his wife, Donna, have both been sick but are feeling better now. I talked by phone to Aunt Violet Morris and she seems to be doing better. Uncle Hugh Morris is about the same.

I am needing directions to the store River Stillwood is opening up. I would like to go and check it out.

Well I don’t have much news this week but until next week just remember to enjoy each day and live it as if it is your last, it could be.

May 14, 2012

Sunday morning service opened with some good music then prayer requests and prayer.

We had three seniors who are graduating this year and they were each honored with a gift from the church. We watched a slide of their pictures.

Sister Tillie Fowler sang a beautiful special.

Brother Roberts brought the message from John 14:6, “Mother’s Day.”

Service was dismissed for Sunday evening for family time.

On Tuesday, Bob and Nora Edwards enjoyed having lunch at Hucklebuck’s with cousins, Jim and Nancy Crowell of Columbia, Mo.. Charlie Rogers of Liberty, Mo. visited recently for four days with Bob and Nora Edwards. Others visiting the Edwards at various times during the week were Marilyn Sickler, Kirby and Mary Mackey, Toby and Jacinda Sheppard, Shelden and Kendra Walker.

Nora Edwards and Jacinda Sheppard spent the day Saturday going to garage sales and having lunch in Ozark, Mo.

Gathering at the home of Toby and Jacinda Sheppard for Sunday dinner were Bob and Nora Edwards, Shelden and Kendra Walker, Miranda Milligan, Shawn and Alexis Swearengin. They were celebrating Mother’s Day and Jacinda’s birthday which was Friday.

Delmar and I had a busy week, with him working in the garden and mowing, and me working in the house.

On Saturday, Rusty, Becky, Hailey and Maeson Carter came down to visit and brought us several pints of fresh strawberries from Bill Carter’s patch. Becky helped me stem them and put them in the freezer. I appreciate it Bill. They stayed for supper.

On Sunday, I went to church and Delmar was still coughing so he stayed home and had lunch ready when I got home. Bevy Moore came down for a visit then Delmar and I went to Mansfield to see my mom, Nora Hunsaker, for Mother’s Day. Vern, Kathleen and Chris Deatherage were there too. We then visited with Keith and Donna Bannister for supper.

Until next week remember Truth is true whether you believe it or not.

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