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Sandy Church

Food Harvest items were collected as we came together on our Lord’s Day.  Prayer requests were given for Jeff Dalton and his family, Eugene Eubanks, our nation, leaders and unbelievers.  Doyle Humbyrd prayed this prayer.

Our Sunday school lesson was from John 6, one of the seven “I am’s” of Jesus; I am the bread of life.  Only Jesus can satisfy the hungry soul.  Stan Humbyrd led us in the offertory prayer as he and Paul Duckworth received our Lord’s tithes and offerings with Elane Crum at the piano.

Testimonies were shared by Paul and Tyla Duckworth and others about the hand of God in their lives.  He is always there for us, but through testing we learn more about Him.

Pastor made the announcements.  Wednesday, May 9, will be Baccalaureate at Bradleyville High School.  Our Bible study will be dismissed to attend.  Ashton Crum will be graduating on Saturday, May 12 at 7 pm.  Congratulations to Ashton.  We are so proud of you.  Ashton is the daughter of Pastor Neal and LeaAnn Crum and the granddaughter of Bill and Mary Lou Hodges and Rick and Elane Crum in our church family.   Jordan Humbyrd will be graduating from Seymour High School on the same day at 6 pm.  We congratulate Jordan and are also so proud of him.  Jordan is the son of Jeff Humbyrd and grandson of Doyle and Frances Humbyrd.

Pastor Neal prayed and read from Luke 16:19, the story of the rich man and Lazarus.  Lazarus, the beggar, died and was carried by angels into Abraham’s bosom.  The rich man died and in Hell he lifted up his eyes, being in torment.  He saw Lazarus and Abraham and he cried for help.  This actually happened and presents a startling portrayal of life after death.  There is Heaven or Hell and Jesus is the only door to Heaven.  We choose.

There was special prayer for Jacob Moffett, who is leaving for the military this week.  Let us remember to pray for Him.

Next Sunday is Mother’s Day and our regular fellowship dinner is postponed to the third Sunday, May 20th at 4 pm.  The guys cook for all mothers and others.

Saturday the 26th will be work day at the church.

Tuesday night at 7 pm is special prayer meeting.

Wednesday night is Bible study in Exodus.

Camps at White River campgrounds will start June 1 for four weeks.  Pray for helpers.  They are needed.

Come and be with us.  You are always welcome in our Lord’s house.

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