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The weeks are going by so fast it’s hard to keep up. They say that it is a sign of old age.

Mark Jones drove the third and fourth garde students from Plainview School to Springfield last Tuesday to the Discovery Center. I went along to help with the children, which was Kyle, Emily and Keri. I think they all had a good time.

Norma Cross and I have had a sale at the old Goodhope Store. We got to meet a lot of old friends and some new ones.

After church at Goodhope General Baptist Church Sunday the 6th, we all went to Plainview School for a picnic and then all but a few of us older ones played games. I’ll bet some of those people were sore Monday morning then about 6 p.m. everyone came in to the gym to hear the Hunsaker family sing. I think everyone had a good time.

God bless.

Fifth Sunday Night, April 29 singing was well attended at Goodhope General Baptist Church. Several singers and instrumentalists and at least six churches – Breedon, Red Bank, Dogwood Nazarene, Goodhope Nazarene, Roy and Goodhope General Baptist.

After singing there was fellowship and snacks. A good time was enjoyed by everyone.

Next Fifth Sunday Night Singing will be at Dogwood Nazarene in July 29th.

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