We welcome the rain we received this morning. I won’t have to water my flowers today.

We appreciate the work on our road 536 a couple of weeks ago.  It is the best we’ve ever seen it.

Plainview School had their softball tournament at Skyline last week.  I didn’t get to go watch Kailey Thompson play. She played first base.

We had several people out of church Sunday because of sickness.  Larry Clayton has been confined to his bed for a long time, and Kenny Goin has been down for a couple of weeks or so.  We pray for all the sick and afflicted and downhearted.

This time of the year most of us think of our loved ones who have passed on, but life goes on.  We must look forward to meeting them in heaven.

Lisa Richards called just as we got home from church yesterday, asking us to come down and have fish for lunch.  Charlie Hampton had been fishing, he brought them over to Tony and Lisa’s and cooked them so Dick and me, Kyle Thompson and Jaden Hicks enjoyed them. Tony brought Irene out so I got to visit with her.  Art Hampton had lunch there, too.

Visitors in the Tom and Sue Brown home for a fish fry Saturday were Dianne Garrison, Terry and Mel Cornelius, Ervin and Lodean Schultz, and Ron, Judy, and Jerry Lethco.

Vince and Della Ann Nelson of Springfield drove down Saturday morning for a visit with his sister, Lodean and Ervin Schultz. Other visitors of Ervin and Lodean this week were Andy and Faye Hitchcock of Calico Rock, Ark.

Until next time, God bless.