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Norma Stillings celebrated her 75th birthday, Sunday. Her sister, Anna Goos, and brother-in-law Pete came from Lee’s Summit, Saturday, to help her celebrate.  Debra Bohnstedt of Springfield, Tom Stillings and Joyce Greenwood of Ozark, Stanley Stillings of Squires, and Alan Stillings of Ava joined them for lunch at Ruby Garden. Kim Stamper and her mother, Ila Stillings stopped by the house later with birthday greetings. Kim was born on Norma’s birthday.

Pete and Anna Goos attended the Ava High School Alumni Banquet, Saturday evening. They spent the night at Norma’s and attended church with her Sunday morning. Debra came back to surprise her mother again, Sunday morning. Pete and Anna returned to Lee’s Summit, Sunday afternoon after lunch with Norma, Debra Bohnstedt, Dan Stillings, and Alan Stillings.

Norma got a phone call Monday with birthday greetings from her son, Don Stillings who lives in Anaheim, California.

I got a phone call from Chalmer Hendricks of Riverbank, California the other day. He had not found the Rainbow Ridge items in his paper, so he called to see if I was doing okay. I told him that I make phone calls on Monday morning and if no one has any news that they want put in the paper, then I don’t put anything in. Chalmer said that I could tell about his phone call. Chalmer will be 96 years old on June 1. He has bought a ticket to fly to Jackson Hole, Wyoming on May 30 and plans to celebrate his birthday there. He plans to spend a week in that area. He is also hoping to come to Missouri again in September for the Stillings “Molasses Making.” It would not surprise me at all and if he does I will plan to fix supper for him one evening.

Chalmer said that he has a treadmill that he uses for exercise and has some five-pound “dumb bells” he uses to stay fit. Chalmer also has a zest for life and won’t be content just sitting down somewhere.

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