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Good morning and how are you?  I hope all the mother’s had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  I certainly did.  Daughter Anita came and brought me a beautiful red rose with the ferns and baby’s breath and a German Chocolate cake and a beautiful big Mother’s Day card that plays music.  She remembered that I had told her, one time, that it was both mine and Walt’s favorite kind of cake.  I didn’t even remember telling her that.  So that was very sweet of her.  So we had cake and coffee while she was here, and a very, very nice visit.  Walt also gave me a nice big card that said a lot of sweet things on it.  We’re going to Muscatine on Wednesday this week and he wants to buy my lunch for Mother’s Day then.  We went to the Cities last Wednesday and had lunch with Rob and Sharon.  Rob called me yesterday and wished me a Happy Mother’s Day.  They’re trying to find a farmhouse to live in so they can get out of the Cities.  There’s so much crime there anymore.  There’s someone getting shot in one of the Cities almost every night.  Saturday night, three people got shot in Moline, Il.  I’d like to say, if anyone knows of a farmhouse to rent on the Iowa side, closer to Muscatine, Blue Grass, Walcott, Buffalo or anyplace West and South of the Cities, you could let me know at (563)946-2214 and I’ll get the info to them or of course, if anyone has any news, I’ll be happy to take that too.  I wanted to tell Norma James that our boss, Norma Wellington and her husband, Lloyd, moved into the Lutheran Homes.  They’ve got an assisted living unit there now and I think that is where they are living.  Dottie took over the kitchen management when Norma retired.  I see Norma in Hy Vee sometimes and she’s just as sweet as ever.

We had the most beautiful day yesterday.  It was just perfect. Bright sunshine, but a cool breeze in the shade, and low humidity. I think it’s pretty much gonna be that way all week.  Well I seem to have ran out of anything to talk about, so I will say “take care of yourselves” and bye-bye for now.

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