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“It was a dark and stormy night,” last night, (borrowing a phrase from Snoopy), he’s my hero.  I wish he would get his book finished so I could read it. Ha! We did get a thunderstorm and rain again last night.  It’s been that way for about a week now.  There was a tornado that hit Iowa again last night.  In a little town named Wayland.  It’s south of here and just off highway 61.  It did a lot of damage to the town.  Some homes completely blown away and others completely destroyed.  Of course, that’s what tornadoes do.  Another one hit Creston, IA, a few nights ago.  That’s southwest of here.  I know people from both towns, but don’t keep in touch with them anymore, so I don’t know if they got hit or not.  No one was killed in either one that I know of.  We were under a tornado watch Thursday night and the county where Lisa lives, had a tornado warning.  That’s the night it hit Wayland and was coming North towards her.  I think Muscatine county was in the warning.  So my family was texting back and forth in case anybody didn’t know.  There are so many people who don’t pay attention to storms, so I’m glad my family does.  I think all the tornadoes that are occurring now-a-days are making more believers out of more people.  We were in Tipton one day last week, and a younger gentleman was going into Walmart behind us and said how nice the weather was.  I said, “Yes, but we’re supposed to get storms again tonight,” and he said, “Oh, I’m not worried about storms,” and I said, “You will be if a tornado comes.”  But I said it in a nice way and he smiled.  People used to say they didn’t worry about tornadoes.  They would say, “If it’s my time to go, I will anyway.”  I would answer, that God gave me enough sense to try to get away from them.  I would say, “If you were standing on a railroad track and a train was coming, would you just stand there and say, “If it’s my time to go I will anyway?” Well I don’t mean to preach about it.  Everyone has a right to their own beliefs.

We got some new finch feed and two new feeders, so we have 3 feeders hanging out now and the pretty little yellow gold finches are really going after it and some of the other little birds.  At least one little Chickadee and I saw two little Indigo Buntings out there.  They’re a pretty blue all over. The little wrens are back, building in the bird house hanging on the porch again this year.  Putting more sticks in there.  I don’t know how they can get anymore in there and still have room for their babies.  One is sticking out the door because they can’t get it all in there.  The little hummers are back.  That same one is sitting on the little rope again guarding the feeders.  It’s a little Ruby-Throated male with a bright red neck.  Now he’s guarding a big bush by the bedroom window.  The bush is huge and has white flowers all over it.  It was small when I first moved here and now it’s almost as tall as the trees.  It sure is pretty, but I don’t know what it is.  Something or somebody tore one of our humming bird feeders down last night, put it in the big feeder and tore all the perches and flowers off of it.  I don’t think an animal would have laid it on the big feeder after it tore it down.  We have trouble every summer that way, all kinds of strange things happening.

We met Kathye Clark for lunch at Pizza Hut in Tipton last Friday and Walt treated us to a buffet lunch.  We got to visit with her more while we ate, usually we just get to talk to her in the store where she works and don’t talk very long.  She’s getting a lot of enjoyment with her new dog.  He’s a small dog and she said he gets so excited he jumps clear up to her shoulders when she comes home.  Then on Saturday, Walt’s daughter, Berta, who lives in Davenport, came out here to visit and we went back to Tipton, had lunch and did a little shopping.  While we were eating, my auction buddy, Dutch’s son, came up to me and said his mom (Dutch) was out front and that I should go out and see her, so I went right on out and we were both happy to see each other.  I told her I was going to move to Tipton and she told me to come and have coffee with her when I got moved, so I told her I would.

Some of you who came up here for Jeff’s funeral, remember how nice David Fry is, that owns the funeral home in Tipton.  Well, Kathye told me that he was picked by the Funeral Directors Association, to go to Washington D.C., to lay a wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldiers.  That was a big honor and he certainly did deserve it.  We plan to go back to the cities on Wednesday.  Right now, we’re going to Muscatine, so take care of yourselves and bye-bye for now.

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