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April 30, Here we go again, another month gone by and wondering where it went.  Our nice weather changed from perfect to windy, rainy and cold.  It’s rained the last few days and supposed to rain all week with a chance of storms everyday.  I think the nation’s had enough storms and wish they would back-off; seems like almost every state has had some kind of storm.  Different places in Iowa have had tornadoes recently.  We’ve been staying in out of the rain all we can, except for when we have to go to town for something.  One day last week Rob Allison called from Iowa City where Sharon was getting some dental work done and said they would stop by here on their way home, so we were happy to see them and as always, had a good time visiting with them.  It was one of the real nice days so we were looking around the yard at the flowers, etc. and saw what looked like dozens of goldfinches flying around just past the yard and in the horse pasture.  I guess there weren’t really that many, but a lot of them.  They must of just arrived from the south and I guess they were looking for their feeders.  They are such pretty little birds, so we went to Tipton the next day and got some thistle seeds there in the store where Kathye works and while Walt was getting the seeds (they sell them in bulk by the pound) I found Kathye and told her we would be back in town on Thursday of this week and asked if she could go to lunch with us then, so we plan for Thursday at 12:30.  Walt wants to buy her lunch because she gave me such a good referral for the apartments there in Tipton.  I told her she could pick the place to eat because she’s the honoree. HA!  We’re going to town today to get some tall shepherd hooks and some more thistle seeds and probably another feeder.  The hooks we’ve got now are the short ones.  The little finches are really going after the seeds though, we hung them in the yard away from the other feeders and we’ve got a good view from the bathroom window.  About two nights ago we got 1.5 inches of rain in the gauge.  It was really raining hard and we got a leak in the ceiling of the little hallway by the back door, I guess you could call it an entry way.  Anyway I think it’s caused by the coons digging holes in the roof and it’s running down through that and into the ceiling, no matter how well we patch that hole they still manage to get in, thank goodness where they’re at just goes over the basement stairway, it could be worse but now we have to try to stop that leak before the ceiling falls in.  I called and found out I’m third down from the top of the list for the apartment, two ahead of me for the two bedrooms.  She said if I was on the list for the one bedroom apartment, I would be 33 down from the top.  I don’t know if I’d even be alive then and there’s no way to know how long it will take to get in the other one.  We’re hoping it won’t take long though.

My family met at the new Farmer’s Table restaurant in Muscatine on Saturday for breakfast, but I got mixed up on the day and missed it, I sure was sorry about that.  A nephew from Missouri was up here and I really wanted to see him and planned to meet them there, but I got the message from Anita Saturday night and didn’t see it until Sunday morning and it said they were meeting there “tomorrow” and I was thinking it would be Sunday morning instead and when I talked to her on the landline she said they already had it that morning.  I guess I must have been half asleep when I read the message on Saturday morning.  She said they put the new restaurant in the building where the Golden Corral used to be, we’ve been hoping they would put a new one in there, so we’ll have to try it sometime and see if it’s anything like the Golden Corral, we really miss that one.

It’s dark and cloudy again today.  I don’t think it’s raining now, but there’s a chance for rain and storms this afternoon.  I hope it waits until we get back from town.

They held a contest to name the eaglets at Alcoa and I think people voted from all over the world and the three names they got the most votes for were Faith, Hope and Spirit.  People from more than 60 countries are watching them.  They showed them on the national news a few nights ago when they were doing a story on the comeback of eagles.  I’m sure glad they didn’t reach extinction; they are so beautiful, beyond words.  They’ve got all kinds of food in the nest for the babies.   Small animals, big fish, turtles and they tear little pieces off to feed to the tiny little babies who don’t look like they’re much bigger, if any, than their parents’ beaks and the parents are constantly moving the straw and twigs around in the nest to keep it just the way they want it.  They’re excellent parents, the parents are Liberty and Justice.  They only had one eaglet that survived last year but these three seem to be doing okay so far.

I’m going to make some stir-fry for lunch so I better get to it, so take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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