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4-23-12. Hello to all the readers of the Douglas County Herald. I hope all is well with you. Everything’s about the same here. It’s been chilly and getting down to freezing and frosting some nights. I don’t know how much longer the plants will tolerate it. The campground is reopened for the summer. The guy is back from Texas that camps here during the summer and helps out at the campground then spends the winters in Texas. Walt saw a Goldfinch in the road this morning drinking from a little puddle that’s left over from 3.5 inches of rain we got one night last week. Then I saw it later on. They are so pretty and our Iowa State bird. We will get some finch food when we go to Tipton later this week. We don’t go to Muscatine every week now, but went last week and saw Lisa again. She’s the only one we saw this time. Walt’s granddaughter, Amber, and hubby, Ryan, went on vacation to the Bahamas last week and Grandma Berta kept the babies while they were gone. They got back safe and sound and had a really good vacation. They said the babies will be older the next time they go and they want to take them. I bet they missed them while they were gone. I got aquainted with a lady from the Bahamas in Tipton Wal-Mart last year and she was really nice. I saw her once after that and now I keep forgetting to look for her. She was saying she liked my jewelry and I told her I’d make her some because I just make it and give it away, but I haven’t had a chance to give it to her yet. We haven’t been in contact with our families much this week (last week that is) except Berta called Walt Saturday. She usually calls him on the weekends. She’s a good daughter to him. She’s always treated him with the utmost respect and always calls to make sure he’s okay. We went to the Rochester Cemetery and mowed Jeff and the Idlewine’s graves Saturday. When we move into the apartment we won’t have any place to keep a mower. The Idlewines don’t mow theirs anymore so I don’t know what we will do about Jeff’s grave. After we got home Walt went ahead and mowed this yard. I worry about him doing all this mowing at his age, but he won’t let me help him. I got a call from friend, Kathye Clark, last week to let me know she had got a dog. She said she read my letter where I said she should get a dog and wanted to let me know she got one. I asked if she gets the Douglas County Herald online and she said, “No, a customer named Jesse James brought it in to her and he gets the Douglas County Herald.” I thought I knew who his parents are so I called Saturday and talked to his wife, Dawn, and sure enough his parents are Charles and Norma James. They are from Ava and lived up here until they retired and moved back to Missouri. I used to work with Norma at the Muscatine Lutheran Home in the 70’s. Dawn works at All Steel in Muscatine and Lisa used to work there. Jessi’s brother, Jerry, lives in Fruitland, Iowa and Lisa lives there. Jessi’s sister, Debby, used to be married to my son-in-law’s brother. That’s Carl Kelly, my daughter, Anita’s husband, Jesse and Dawn just live right up the road from me and they have a Rochester phone number like me because we live in Rochester township. They have seven little grandsons and their daughter, Samantha, and Scott are expecting a baby girl in August. Walt’s brother, Dee Allison, used to be friends with Charles James back when we all still lived in Ava. I better get this in the mail and hope he hasn’t come yet. Take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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