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It was a great Mother’s Day weekend with many things to do throughout the area. I had a great Mother’s Day, attending church with four generations of our family. After church Junior and I had a nice lunch with youngest daughter, Jeanette Evans; Nicholas and Sarah Inman, Reagan Inman and Butch Alcorn at Sheila’s Place. The place was really busy and we enjoyed seeing several friends from around the county, including Rev. and Mrs. Roy Cantrell and Mr. and Mrs. Leon Garrett and Charlie and Ione Dines. Everyone seemed to be having a great time with their families and close friends. I really enjoyed the beautiful plant that each Mother received at church (provided by Larry and Evelyn Hampton). Betty Atwood from Olga received the prize for having been the Mother who traveled the farthest to be at church on Sunday morning.

I have noticed that many are beginning to do their work in the hay fields. As you drive around this neighborhood, you can see the familiar scenes of tractors and crews hard at work. Seems like yesterday that my step dad, Philip Hargis was out cutting and baling hay for many of our neighbors. He worked hard at doing this as long as he was able and would always have a great work crew of family members. He always used square bales and never did like the round bales of hay that seem to be so popular anymore. You do not see many hay crews anymore, you used to see large crews of young, strong men working in the fields. Many worked the hay fields for their summer jobs, guess that is a way of the past. Kindall Store used to be filled around noon time with young men coming in for an ice cold soda pop, back when they came in a glass bottle and they were so delicious. They would come in and Corda Kindall would fix them all a sandwich and they would be enjoying visiting with her as they eat. Good times and memories from this area of the world.

I appreciate all who prayed for my great grandson Brady Inman and granddaughter, Cecilia Morris. They are both doing well and we really appreciate your support and prayers.

Several from our small corner of the country are preparing for high school graduation. In fact, our grandson Johnny Inman of Dogwood will be graduating from Ava. We are proud of all the graduating seniors and wish them well in their future endeavors.

Hope all of you Mother’s enjoyed your special day and hope this weekly greeting has found you doing well. We look forward to seeing you in this neighborhood in the near future.

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