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It sure was nice to get some additional rain last night. I am sorry that I have not written in awhile, life has just been to crazy!

First, Congratulations to Michael and Amber Brand on the birth of their new son. I know that big brother, Tyson Brand will sure be excited to welcome the new little one home as well.

Recently, I enjoyed a nice visit with my youngest brother, Johnny Nichols and his lovely wife, Diana. They were here visiting family from Goodland, Kansas. They usually try to make it here once a year, where they visit two of their children and their grandchildren and great grandchildren. Many of you probably remember Johnny from his youthful days in the Dogwood area. He attended school at Beaver and later at Ava. It was sure nice to visit with them.

Happy 4th birthday to our great granddaughter, Reagan Inman. It is hard to believe that she will be four years old. She was born on Harry Truman’s birthday. I had to work on Sunday and missed singing “Happy Birthday” to her at church. I heard that she was proud to stand up all by herself as they sang to her.

The last Saturday in April, I attended the annual State Dinner for the Marshfield Cherry Blossom Festival at Blackberry Creek Retreat. I had to miss a majority of the festival this year, it was the first time that I had missed the whole weekend. It was nice to see all of my friends at the festival again this year, many who had traveled from around the world. The speaker was Clifton Truman Daniel, grandson of Harry and Bess Truman. He was a great speaker and I really enjoyed hearing him and the meal that was served was terrific. It was funny to see Kami Colter (Elizabeth from the Walton’s) working in the kitchen there. She insisted on helping out and she was a great worker. She said that she really loved to work in the kitchen and would prefer that to setting down with the rest of everyone and eating. They sure tried to get her to sit down and relax! However, on my way back to Fordland, I thought that I knew a short cut and ended up lost in the dark, with my lights hardly working and low on gas. I was a little shaken by this experience. However, I stopped at a nearby house and they pointed me in the right direction. I was only a little ways away from where I needed to be. I learned a valuable lesson about taking short cuts in the pitch dark!

I understand that there was a nice crowd at Kindall Store this past weekend for the volleyball tournament. It is now the time of the year, where many will enjoy gathering there and playing the game.

Congratulations to the Sammy and Debbie Kindall on the wedding of their beautiful daughter, Lindsey. She is now Lindsey Driskell. I heard that it was a beautiful wedding. She is such a nice young lady.

Happy belated Anniversary wishes to Leonard and Wilma Cardwell. Leonard grew up in this neighborhood and attended school at Dillion school. Congratulations to them both.

That is all that I have to report for now. Hope to see you out this way in the near future. God bless you all.

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