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Since you weren’t there this past Sunday morning at least half our congregation tried to find you, well, at least I suppose that’s where they were because they weren’t here. We really could have used you last Sunday. I think about two-thirds of our group were missing for one reason or another.

Our morning message was taken from the text of John 11:20. The story of Martha, Mary and their brother, Lazarus whom Jesus raised from the dead. The title of the sermon was, “Don’t Sit Still In The House,” when all the blessings he promised  to those who are busy laboring in His harvest, are yours for being about His business.

The evening message was about “Inseperable Things,” those things which God has united which we should never force apart. It was taken from our text in Matthew 18, things like privilege and responsibility, faithfulness and reward or character and destiny.

We have lots of folks out traveling and your empty seat was one of many, but we missed you, and hope you will come and join us in worship services next Sunday. May God bless.

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