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Oak Grove Church

Let there be no doubt, summer is upon us. Our morning message was entitled, “A Hunt In A Garden of Cucumbers,” taken from our text in Isaiah 1:8. God’s directions for Israel in that time seems very applicable to our own nation today. Our turning away from Him, in much the same way Israel did then, can only produce similar results for our own nation. Only by turning to His word for direction, submitting to His will and following His precepts can we avoid dire consequences.

After morning services we had a fellowship dinner to celebrate our graduating senior, Miss Lori Ray, and the upcoming wedding of Andy Mayberry and his fiancee, Miss Brittany Keith.

You missed a wonderful dinner, complete with plenty of cake and ice cream and I still had your seat reserved. Join us anytime, but we don’t always have cake and ice cream after services. You really should have been there!

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