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Howdy. As I get older, time sure does fly. This is already my fourth week of being your news writer and I will say it has been fun. My husband says I need a life, but each to their own. I look forward to the News-Journal every week. I’m not into Facebook, shoot, I don’t even own a computer. My kids say I should have been born 100 years where I would have fit in. But then I wouldn’t have been different, so here I am.

Sorry to hear Sue Durden’s sister, Jane Yates, passed away. Those girls were Fagans. I grew up with their baby sister, Cheri.

The McIntosh boys are having it kind of rough. Jerry Wayne had a four-wheeler accident and is in the hospital and Leon just got out of the hospital. He had a biopsy done. We wish you boys a speedy recovery.

We’re winding down the last days of school. Every class is taking their fun trips and the kids are looking forward to the last day which is Monday, May 14 and they let out at 12:20.

I was listening to my favorite radio station by choice, 89.1 and I heard Clayton Kelly turned 25 years old this week. Happy B-Day Clayton.

I got word that Becky Parker was in the hospital. She’s the daughter of Mike Parker and the late Kathy Parker. Hope you’re on the mend.

I talked to Shetlers this week about their adding on and they said that they were making a deli for their customers. Their menu will have sub sandwiches, slushes, fountain drinks, ice cream and shakes. They said it will open mid-summer. I am so glad that we have a local grocery store for our needs.

I noticed that the flower shop opened next to the auction barn across the railroad tracks. They have a good assortment.

May 13 is an important day because without this day, you wouldn’t exist. Call your mom, or if it’s where you can, go by and give her a big-ol-hug, tell her that you love her. For those of you that have already lost your mother, maybe you can spend some time just reminiscing.

The sale barn in Norwood has a small animal and goat sale every 4th Saturday of the month. You never know what you’re going to see there. Just ask Courtney DeVault. She came to buy two chickens for her kids and ended up buying 21 by mistake. I bet Jeff (her husband) was happy. Now he’s a chicken farmer!

The “Eagles Next” which is the Amish School, has already let out school for the summer. Their last day was April 26 and then on Tuesday, May 1, they had a picnic and then following lunch, they had a ball game. Pupils versus parents, and the pupils won, of course.

A stork flew over Alvin and Wanda Mullet’s house and dropped a second son. Wanda is not from here and Alvin is the son of Lorene Mullet and the late Manas Mullet. They named him Jonathen.

Fun Facts: Norwood’s first merchant was C.H. Lehaninn who established a general store. He hired John Ellis to work as a clerk. John loved it so much, he purchased himself some land and built another general store and that was the beginning of our town.

Challenge: “Surrender to the fact that life ain’t fair.”

Picture This: You are a senior, and you get an award for breaking the old school record of 2,034 points in basketball by Donnie Forrest. You ended your senior year with 2,483 points. You also got asked to play in the Mizzou Barn Storming April 28 at Lebanon, and had an invitation to play at the All-Star Game in West Plains. It doesn’t stop there, he received the MBCA-2A Basketball Player of the Year. Riley Jenkins is that young man and even though he is a outstanding basketball player, he also was a great role model for generations to come, on and off the court. We appreciate Riley for the entertainment while you were growing up. I hear that you signed up to play for Drury. If they’re all like you, they will be unstoppable. Your hard work and dedication paid off.

If you have any news, please call me at 746-1112.

Until next week, God bless our little town.

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