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Norwood Gleaning

Howdy, this week I picked cherries at my neighbor, Alene Greenfield’s. They were just right. I noticed that the gooseberries are ripe too and the blackberries are in full bloom. Everything is ripening a few weeks early this year.

I heard this week that a few bad boys are running around, while we were sleeping, trying to take what they didn’t work for. Sleep with one eye open and your shotgun loaded.

City Hall was having a meeting this week to set a date for our city wide yard sale. I’ll let you know when it will be. In the meantime, dig in your garages and house and box up your junk so you can turn it into someone elses treasures.

If you haven’t paid your fire dues yet, they are $35. I always seem to forget them. There for awhile I was setting so many fires that James Bradshaw didn’t know whether to up my fire dues or take away my matches.

School is out for the summer. But they are having a summer session from May 29 through June 25. Summer time is also a time to go to Bible school which will be the best learning experience for your children. (Caudle) Union Grove changed theirs this year to August 6 through 10. We felt like it would be better for the kids to get them ready for a new school year. If your church is having Bible school let me know and I will put it in the news for you.

I heard Lonnie Sinnings has been in the hospital again. He is having an awful time with his health. We wish you well.

Pat Bradshaw had to spend her 70th birthday in the hospital. Her valve is going to be overhauled again. She just had it done three years ago. The surgery will be Tuesday, the 15th. Pat you have to hurry and get back home. James is tired of eating at Lazy Lees.

Squirrel season will open May 26. I love fried squirrel and biscuits and gravy. My mom says she doesn’t know how I could eat a flying rat, but a lot of people grew up on them years ago and were happy to get them.

Saturday, May 19, the NWTF will host a free Jakes event for the kids. The only thing that it costs you is the gas to get there at Paul Kester’s farm in Ava.

Don’t forget our Se-Ma-No Electric Cooperative annual meeting will be at Norwood this year, Saturday, June 9. They are electing new district board members. This is your chance to voice your opinion on who you think will be the best for the job. You can vote through the mail on ballots they sent you or at the meeting. Hope to see you there.

Around 40 people gathered at the nursing home to wish Maedale Dake a happy 80th birthday. She was married to the late Bernell Dake and they had two children, Burnetta Williams and David Dake all of Norwood.

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