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Mt. Tabor Church

It was a wonderful to celebrate Mother’s Day, as we gathered to sing, take prayer requests and enjoy a good Sunday school lesson. We appreciate all our visitors, Tom and Donna Nichols, Emma Turner, and it was great to have Sister Peggy Jenkins back with us again. We appreciate Oliver and Liz Jenkins bringing her and hope everyone will come again.

Brother Don Bryan was our fill-in speaker today, and his message was all about mothers. We appreciate the mothers who were with us and remember those already gone on, God bless them all. After church we gave flowers to the oldest mother, Bessie Hall, the youngest mother, Emma Turner, and each lady received a small flower, as well.

We sang happy birthday for Bessie Hall and Martin Hathcock, and happy anniversary for Kay and Harold Hutchison’s 53 years together.

Church was dismissed Sunday evening so those who wanted could attend the Baccalaureate service for the seniors. Dylan Clements and Kelsey Blakey were both a part of this service.

Brother Scottie Eaves will be speaking Sunday.

We appreciate those from the church that gave their time and effort to paint at Camp Piland last week.

Mae Cox was glad to have Tom and Donna attend church with her for Mother’s Day. Other visitors were Lisa Johnson and Jesse.

Bessie Hall celebrated her birthday Thursday and received lots of attention for several days. She had ice cream cake, many, many cards, flowers and gifts, and she greatly appreciated each one. Her visitors at various times were Jewell, J.C. and Vicky, Carla Wilson, Ronda Elliott and Caitlin, James and Tammy, Shaun and LeAnna Elliott and children, Hellen Blakey, Tim Hall, Lauren and Hunter, Lisa Johnson and Jesse, Kay Hutchison and Vicky Burdan. Dan and Kim Clements brought her lunch on her birthday. She also had many phone calls: Pauline McGraw, Alabama, Jan Hall, Tulsa, Loetta Hall, West Plains and Bonita Winingham, Nebraska, as well as lots of local calls.

Martin and Mary Ann Hathcock spent Mother’s Day with Wes and Pat Smith. Others there was Shawn and Jessica Glossip and family and Charlee Smith.

Visitors with Martin and Mary Ann recently were Jan Jones, Ronda Soto, and Jim and Jo Hathcock, Jack and Jorie, who took them out to eat.

Evelyn and Don Bryan’s  children came Friday evening to take them out for supper for Mother’s Day.

Myrl Cox lots of family in for Mother’s Day dinner and games. Those there were: Paul Cox, Ronnie and Pat Lansdown, Jeanne Cox, Joy Davis, Buster, Jessie and Jenna, Jackie and Wyatt, Kevan and Haley Richards and Garrett. Pat stayed late and helped clean up after all the fun and games.

Ronnie and Pat Lansdown were in West Plains the last day of school, and entertained Jadon and Kayley, while their parents played in a CofC golf tournament.

Vicky Burdan, Sacramento, Ca., arrived Monday evening to spend the week with Harold and Kay Hutchison and family. Those visiting with Vic while she was here were: Bessie Hall, Jewell Elliott, Maxine Lund, Dan and Kim Clements, Morgan and Dylan, Kristy Tackett, Harlin and Shirley Hutchison and Amy, Jerry Pool, Don Bishop and Perry Pool. She returned to southern Ca. on Saturday, after attending graduation in Weatherford, Ok. for her nephew.

Kay Hutchison accompanied Kim and Dylan Clements to the athletic banquet, Friday evening. On Sunday evening Harold and Kay attended the Baccalaureate service for Dylan, with Kim, Dan and Morgan.

Clifford and Imogene Madewell enjoyed having son, Eddie, spend Sunday afternoon with them. Imogene also received Mother’s Day calls from her grandson and her two daughters in California.

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