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Mt. Tabor Church

We gathered together and began services with singing and prayer requests for so many still struggling with health issues. We had a good group for Sunday school, and visitors in the worship hour, we appreciate them.

Our morning speakers were from the Gideon’s, Brother Glen D. and Brother Bill, and they did a great job, mixing their singing and playing with their testimonies of the wonderful work the group is doing. We appreciate them for giving their time and effort and those who gave to this cause. Brother Ric said a few words following their service and came back Sunday night to speak about “our testimony”. It was very interesting and we had several visitors, again we appreciate each one.

Bro. Ric Englehardt will be speaking this Sunday.

Marsha Blakey will be giving a testimony in the morning church service this Sunday.

Those visiting Bessie Hall this week were J.C. and Vicky, Carla Wilson, Kim and Kay, Chestene Lietch, James and Ashley Elliott, Lisa Johnson and Jesse, MaKayla and Logan Elliott, Jewell, and Judy Haden.

Martin and Mary Ann Hathcock’s visitors last week were Pat Smith, Rosie Harris, Jim Hathcock and Doug Hutchison. Martin visited one day with Tom Harris and found him to be doing quite well. Martin also visited Joe Cox one afternoon.

Tom and Jewell Elliott enjoyed Sunday supper with James and Tammy Elliott and Ashley, who was home from college. Also joining the group was Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Elliott, MaKayla and Logan.

Albert and Doris Elliott visited Tom and Jewell, Monday evening. Jewell visited Mae Cox one afternoon last week.

Joe Norwine, of near Bradleyville, visited Harold Hutchison last Saturday. Martin Hathcock visited the Hutchisons a couple of times this past week. They have been doing some fix up work in the cemetery.

Golda Dixon visited her sister, Mae Cox, Tuesday and later visited her aunt Esther Davis. Tom and Donna Nichols were down, as well as Tim Hall, with his children, Lauren and Hunter and their friends, Julie and Robb Henry, who enjoyed playing down on the farm.

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